5 Computer Systems Roles You Need to Know About


If you are wanting to build a career in computer systems, you will definitely benefit from earning a computer technology-related degree from CSI Now in Chicago. For now, let’s take a quick look at various career options you will have when you earn a computer systems degree.

Database administrator

With a computer systems degree, one of your first career options will likely be that of a database administrator. For those who have a true passion for IT, this job role is perfect. It allows you to combine your IT skills along with your problem-solving capabilities and deliver database administration solutions. As a database administrator, you career responsibilities may include everything from making sure data is clearly defined to updating database information to ensure it is in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

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Games Developer

A games developer spends his or her time creating and producing games, many of which can be used across a variety of platforms and game consoles. Some even work on arcade games. In this role, you will be responsible for the entire production process or you may focus your attention on just a single step. For example, some game developers only participate in the character animation process. Other responsibilities of game developers include everything from generating game scripts to solving technical problems to producing audio features.

Web Designer

Being a web designer means you are going to be working with coding a lot. You will not only design web pages, but you will build them from the ground up using code. By using the correct coding, you will develop sites that not only look great but function great too.

SEO Specialist

Many people who earn a computer systems degree don’t initially think of using their credential for SEO purposes. With this type of degree, though, you become the perfect candidate for helping companies attract visitors to their websites. Some of your job duties as an SEO specialist may include creating original content for websites, analyzing and suggesting various technical tactics that can be used to boost website traffic, and even using social media to acquire internal and external links.

Systems Developer

If you want to work in an environment that is always evolving, then the job career of a systems developer is perfect for you. Because technological advances are taking place on such a rapid basis, the role of systems developer is always advancing as well. It will be your duty to make sure the systems your employer is using are meeting its needs, and if any software or hardware system obstacles are identified, you will be responsible for coming up with solutions.

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