Features Of Mighty Call And Grasshopper

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With each passing day, new technologies are invented and everything is getting completed within seconds. You do not have to wait for something that you want to occur. Due to too much advancement in technologies, everything has become small and you can connect to other part of the world within seconds. This is miracle for some of the people but it is totally true. Advancement in technology has made communication too much easier. Communication is the main key of each and everything. If you are not communicating with other person properly, you will not be able to make strong bond between two. Same thing in every type of business, communication is main key for business development and growth. So, when you are starting your business, contact to any telecom company for having business phone number. Business phone number is used for attending business calls and for business related communication purpose.

Business phone number is the one of best way to satisfy your all customers. Get the one of best business phone number from top rated telecom company and you will also get many additional facilities with the calling facility. It is sure that if you have your business for specific purpose, then you will also have website. Upload your business phone number on that website so that customers will find it easily and will be able to contact you when they want to solve the problems. Now, the question is that from where you will get business phone number. In the current scenario of the telecom industry, mighty call and grasshopper are two best service provider. We have given detailed description for both of them and you can choose the one which is best as per your business requirements.

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Features Mighty call Grasshopper

Price per month $ 19.99 $ 24

Local or toll free numbers 2 1

Multiple extensions unlimited 3

Minutes extended 1000 unlimited

Existing number transfer for free $ 30

Text messages unlimited $ 10 per user

Call forwarding yes yes

Conference calling yes yes

Call queue yes yes

Availability status yes no

Custom main greeting yes yes

Voicemail yes yes

Internet calls yes no

Transcribed voicemails no $ 10

Contact us widget yes no

Call back widget yes no

Social media tracking yes no

International numbers $ 10 extra no

International calls pay as you go per request

Telecom Company will activate your business phone number within two to five minutes and you can upload it on your website so that it will reach to your valuable customers. This business phone number will be toll free in the whole world and you can also use it as a local number in local area code. Before choosing the final one, you may also check reviews and ratings which are given by other users. Some of the telecom companies provide the cloud storage facility so that you can also able to call using internet. All calls will be reachable to you either you are in network area or not.

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