Fighting Writers Block: 3 Tips to Stay Creative


Did the struggle to remove a creative block bring you here? If yes, then consider yourself part of the gang. One of the most crucial parts of creating content is the need of staying creative at all times. If not all, then most content marketers have faced a creative block at some point in their career. Unsurprisingly, the coronavirus outbreak has played a huge role in making the vast majority of the creative heads experience this block.

Coming up with a new, fresh and exciting idea is part of marketing/writing. However, every time a new idea pops into your mind, it looks like a done and dusted campaign from the past. However, working in the office, having a session beside the water cooler, attending the regular creative meeting, and having the opportunity to step out of your home and observe the world around you gave a lot more revelation to remain creative at work.

With the coronavirus outbreak, pandemic, work transition, and numerous restrictions, staying in the physical office was no longer the game plan. Instead, many creative heads, along with other workers had to experience working remotely.

Why Does Writer’s Block Occur

Working from home not only stole the opportunity to be observant in the outside world, but the challenges of remote working made it difficult to remain positive and creative. The disruptive work lifestyle, technology issues, internet connection struggles, and the nonexistent work-life balance were not the benefits that we were relishing from far.

Many people who did not have high speed and stable internet connection like one from Cox internet, struggled to accomplish tasks, let alone work efficiently from home. Similarly, people with little to zero home entrainment facilities like Cox TV did not have the right mental state and fresh mind to come up with interesting ideas.

However, the pandemic and its troubles are just part of the whole myriad of reasons that can cause writer’s block. Feeling exhausted from the pressure to be creative can cause a huge block. It is difficult to explain to others the exact state of your mind that is causing resistance in providing efficient work.

Writer’s block happens to everyone. The important thing to realize here is that staying in a constant state where you feel incompetent in providing the right content can be trouble. Therefore, it is time to learn tips and tricks that will help you find yourself the direction needed to unblock the writer’s block.

Walk Away

One of the best and easiest things you can do to destroy writer’s block is simply walking away. It doesn’t mean that you should start ignoring the task deadlines and let the work pile up. Instead, it means that when you feel that you cannot produce creative content, you should do something else. You can try reading a good book, have a cup of coffee, walk, do yoga, watch TV shows and just do anything that can keep you distracted from work for a brief time.

It might seem counterproductive, but in reality, having a break from work for a brief time can help you get back on track.

Always Be On the Lookout

You do not need a mountain view or an aesthetic museum to grab inspiration. Instead, if you have a mind that focuses on things happening around then you can grasp inspiration from anything and everything. Even doing something as simple as gazing out from the window of a car or taking a small walk can help coming up with ideas that will keep you creative.

The trick here is to always keep your mind on the lookout for inspiration. When something interesting, admirable, and out of the box comes up, make sure you make notes. If you do not have a notepad around, just record the moment. And even if you do not have a phone in your hand, make sure to take a mental recording of the event that is happening.

Work When You Feel Most Creative

If you are a writer or a creative person, in general, there will be times in your day when you feel most productive and creative. Similarly, there are times in a day where no matter how much you try you just cannot write a single word worth reading. Therefore, make sure you are using your creative hype time to produce your best work.

Let It Flow

Building creative content is not easy. Nevertheless, if the tips above are not working for you then you should simply write anything and everything that is coming to your mind. You can easily edit and make it worth reading later.

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