Top 4 Foods You Shouldn’t Miss to Include in Your Greek Platter


Greece is known to be a family favorite holiday destination due to its beautiful blue waters, child-friendly beaches and more important, delicious food prepared from fresh ingredients. However, the good news is that you don’t have to travel all the way to Greece to experience the famous Greek cuisine. There are lots of Greek restaurants in Florida, and furthermore, you can always hire the services of Greek food catering South Florida experts who will bring the authentic Greek cuisine experience closer to you.

Greek platters are always at the heart of every Greek meal and sharing these small plates filled with vegetables, meats, and cheeses will make you feel good.  Here are the top four foods that you shouldn’t miss to include in your Greek platter.

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Vegetables are still a staple of Greek platters that you shouldn’t miss out on. They offer a wide range of health benefits that will help you to avoid suffering from a wide range of health complications. Some of the common veggies you can include in your platter include cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, asparagus, bell peppers, and roasted eggplant. Some vegetables may also be stuffed with goat cheese or feta for that extra flavor.

Cheese and Meat

Who doesn’t love cheese on their Greek platter? In fact, feta is a must-have in any Greek platter. The other common Greek cheeses that you can go for include the Kasseri and Manouri.For meat, the best option would be the salted deli meats such as prosciutto and salami.

The cheese contains a wide range of nutritious elements such as phosphorous, zinc, calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin B12. The high amount of proteins in the cheese and meat also provide your body with the essential building blocks required for stronger muscles. Fresh cut meat is also a common Greek cuisine ingredient.

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Spreads & Dips

Hummus that has been flavored with red pepper, veggies, or garlic is always a centerpiece for any platter prepared by the Greek food catering South Florida experts. The other favorite dips that you can consider adding to your Greek platter include the Tzatziki which is simply the Greek yogurt that has been mixed with garlic, cucumber, and some seasoning. There is also labneh which is thick yogurt cheese.

These combinations are a favorite for many people and are also perfect for scooping with the vegetables on your platter. You can also spread any of these dips onto crackers or warm pita wedges to create something special out of it.


Maybe you already understand the fact that no any other type of oil is used in Greek cooking apart from the olive oil, but do you know that olives also form part of a sumptuous Greek platter? No any authentic Greek meal is complete without a selection of olives.

You are free to choose anything right from the green, Kalamata, and the black olives. You can choose to enjoy your olives as whole or sliced. You can also blend several of them to come up with your own unique combination that will suit your needs.


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