3 Tips for Starting Crypto Consulting

As tech’s biggest wave since the dotcom boom, it’s no wonder that everyone is trying to hop on the crypto train. And while it’s been amazing to see all the early interest in blockchain technology and decentralization, the general attitude has begun to be shifted towards that this thing is here to stay. Which, luckily for you, means that there are opportunities out there to help bring this transition mainstream. And if you’re looking to be a part, I’ve provided a few helpful tips to get started. Check them out below:

Know What Sectors Are Worth Getting Into

If you’re looking to break into the crypto industry, then one of the first steps you need to take is looking at what sectors have seen early success and why. As noted by Coinschedule, last year saw approximately $3.8 billion in ICO investment last year, with 25.8 percent of that going towards infrastructure projects. And although these are great first steps into the industry, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best for you to pursue moving forward.

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As it’s still too early to tell if the infrastructure startups using blockchain will be successful or not, that might be too crowded of a space to pursue. However, there are still plenty of other industries out there that are looking to implement blockchain tech. The goal here is to find the need, or “can’t live without” referring to the blockchain, which can be somewhat more difficult than most would imagine.

An excellent example of this is with health blockchain companies like Nanovision. As the healthcare industry can be an incredibly convoluted and filled with guesswork, it’s no wonder that so many people have been excited about the potential implementation of the blockchain on it. Not only does it offer healthcare providers a transparent and seamless system to share medical records, but additionally does so in a way that’s safe and secure.

Start looking at blockchain projects from this angle if you’re looking to build a sales pipeline, as it this strategy will not only find you more successful companies but ones where you’re genuinely interested in helping them solve a problem.

Play Off Your Strengths

Once you’ve decided who you’re trying to go for, it’s time to look at how you can help them. This can be quite the challenge for some, as it’s at the core of being an entrepreneur, as well as a business. What you’re after in this realm is looking at not only where your skill set lies, but how you can sell that to others. Furthermore, this needs to be a product difference over your competition, giving them a reason to go to you over anyone else. Which if this is something you’re still trying to figure out with crypto, then the answer might be simpler than you think.

When you break it down, a lot of the needs in crypto right now are pretty intuitive, with a lot of the jobs being created dealing with development and sustainability. In fact, according to TechCrunch, 2018 has already reached 40 percent of the total venture capital raised in crypto in 2017, which goes to show this industry is stable (for now), but has a lot going into it.

For example, marketing has been a big need to help explain services, as well as promote the token sale; additionally, jobs like securities law and day traders have come about to deal with the volatility of the market. All-in-all, while it’ll take some time, finding your competitive edge will be what makes you most successful in establishing your foundation with crypto, so don’t be afraid of being patient to get this right.

Become A One-Stop Shop

Finally, after you’ve established your differential in regards to your competition, you need to start looking at how you can package your skills with others in package deals. No matter if it’s working with a business name generator or hiring a freelance designer, the packages you’re able to offer crypto companies will make your business provide much more value. Plus, it will only increase your cash flow overall, because as noted by Creative Industry Report, with 80 percent of creative leaders utilizing freelancers, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

Start out by looking at what packages you can compile, as well as why they make sense for your business, for example, having a ‘Token Sale’ package where you handle all the crypto company’s legal and marketing materials for the sale so they can focus on product development and campaigning.

Try brainstorming a few different options like that, as it’ll only give you more of a leg up moving forward. That’s the entire goal of being early to crypto, right?