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3 Treatments Offered At An Eye Clinic In Singapore

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An eye doctor is a medical professional that focuses on diseases and other concerns that occur to our eyes. If an issue is found within our eyes, it can significantly compromise our vision and possibly cause us to lose it completely. People who go blind can survive everyday life just like the rest of us, but that doesn’t mean their life is as easy. Losing one of our five senses will always be challenging, no matter which senses we lose. Coincidentally, sight is one of the most important senses we use in our daily lives. Thankfully, an eye doctor in Singapore can help us avoid the situation where we end up losing our ability to see. 

There are two types of eye doctors. One is called an ophthalmologist, and the other is an optometrist. These two kinds of doctors have different roles when it comes to treating our eyes. An Ophthalmologist is for medical and surgical eye care. Some conditions they take over include glaucoma, iritis, crossed eyes, and cataracts. They can also perform plastic surgery to raise droopy eyelids and smooth wrinkles. An optometrist is in charge of vision and eye care services. They primarily handle eye exams and vision tests to properly prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses. To have a better idea of what treatments an eye doctor in Singapore can do, here is a short list. 

1. Cataract Surgery 

A person develops a cataract when visible clouding is found in the natural crystalline lens inside the eye. It’s often caused by the ageing of our bodies, but there are still some other things that may cause it to occur. Although cataracts usually happen around the age of forty, they are known for developing slowly and do not impair vision until much later. Only when you reach the age of sixty do you start to experience symptoms. An eye doctor can perform cataract surgery in order to extract it. This surgery is done under local anaesthesia and lasts for at least thirty minutes on average. The cataract surgery cost in Singapore will be worth it once your eye gets better. 

2. Laser Vision Correction

For people who don’t want to use glasses or contact lenses anymore, a specific treatment can help fix your vision permanently. In an eye clinic in Singapore, laser correction, mostly known as LASIK, is the procedure used to treat not only bad eyesight but also myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopia. LASIK surgery focuses on reshaping the cornea and focusing light on the retina. It is a painless process that takes only fifteen minutes to finish. Within a few hours, patients will see without needing glasses or contacts.

3. Pterygium Surgery

Aside from cataract surgery in Singapore, there is also pterygium surgery. Pterygium is a pink fleshy fibrovascular lesion that is often found on the medial part of the eye. This is mainly caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays. If it is left untreated for an extended period of time, it can encroach on the centre of the cornea and eventually lead to bad eyesight and astigmatism. Topical lubricants can soothe the discomfort that comes with it, but it is recommended that the patient have it surgically removed instead with a conjunctival autograft. 

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