4 Summer Health Hazards for Your Dog


With the changing weather, comes a change in the environment that brings various health hazards for human as well as other living beings. Human beings are the highly developed species on earth that can take care of them. But when we are talking about our pet i.e. dog, we need to be a bit smart as they can’t express their problem verbally.

As we are moving towards the summer season, there are some common health issues that commonly affect your dogs and you need to stay alert in that perspective.

Mosquito Bites: During summer, it’s common to have mosquitoes around the waste and dirty area. And visiting such places is a common behaviour of pets. An important point to heed is that mosquito bites give birth to heartworm, ringworm and other body problems. For such problems, Heartgard Plus is the best medicine which can be easily chewed by the dogs, added with flavoured taste.

Dehydration: It’s common to have the problem of dehydration during the summer. There might be various reasons that cause a water shortage in your dog and cause dehydration. The most common reason behind this problem is the unavailability of water near the dog. Hence, you should always arrange the water near your dog so that it can be consumed whenever required.

Sunburn: When your dog is exposed to the sun for a longer period, there are high chances of getting sunburn. Dog’s bellies, ears, nose, etc are some of the commonly visible areas where the probability of getting sunburn is high. Once your dog gets sunburn it will give birth to painful burns that require instant treatment. So, you can check it with the redness in his skin and take appropriate medicines. Aloe vera is one of the natural treatments for sunburn which you can even use for your dog.

Human Food: Basically this is not a seasonal issue, but its most common to occur in the summer season. During summer, you spend your time with the dog and hence share your food. Eating human food is OK for a specific limit, but with the regular intake of people, food might cause some side effect on your pet. Sauce, Maggie, ice creams are some of the food items which can adversely affect your dog.

Additional Knowledge: There are some manmade reasons too that play a vital role in harming your dog. The fireworks that create loud sound compel the dogs to take shelter and hence run away from their home. In such a scenario, they ran far away from your home that develops a big problem for the owner as well as the pet. So, it’s important to keep your dog in a calm place and within your living premises.

As mentioned earlier, it’s hard to know the occurrence of the problem in his health. Hence you should always keep track of the behavioural changes in your dog’s body that is the foremost sign of an issue. As soon as you diagnose any change, you should get a vet prescription and start medications accordingly.