4 Things to Know Before Starting a Juice Diet in Singapore

Many people go on a juice diet in Singapore to lose weight quickly, but others also do it for health reasons, such as cleansing their digestive system of any toxins that may have built up. Whatever your reason may be, you’ll still benefit from a juice diet. 

However, before you start your cleanse, know that juice fasting will bring many changes and side effects to your body, and it’s best to know these in advance so you can prepare for them. Here are four things to know before starting a juice cleanse.

1. See If You’re Eligible to Go on a Juice Fast

Before buying a juice pack, ensure you’re eligible to go on a juice fast. Juice fasting may do more harm than good to the following people:

  • young children
  • pregnant women
  • older adults
  • people with low blood sugar
  • people with compromised immune systems

If you fall into any of these categories, many other ways to cleanse your body may work for you. You can go on a juice diet in Singapore if you don’t fall into these categories.

2. You Will Lose Weight

If you’re juice fasting for weight loss, you’d be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you’ll see the effects. Many people lose an average of five pounds after a juice cleanse, but this could vary depending on your circumstances. However, note that most of the weight lost is water weight. Start slowly with clean and healthy food when introducing food back into your diet, and pair it up with regular exercise. That way, your body won’t immediately regain all the lost weight.

3. You Will Still Feel Your Hunger

Without solid food, you’ll undoubtedly feel hungry even with all the juice you intake during your juice diet in Singapore. Luckily, the way you distribute your juice intake throughout the day can help reduce the feeling of hunger. For example, the best way to drink your juice packs is by taking small sips throughout the day instead of drinking them all at once. This practice ensures that you’ll always have something in your stomach, which can lessen the feeling of hunger. As a rule, try finishing one bottle every two to three hours.

4. You May Experience Caffeine Withdrawal

If you drink coffee every morning to kickstart your day, you’ll, unfortunately, have to say goodbye to it for now. Coffee is not included in a juice cleanse, which means if you drink it regularly, you may experience caffeine withdrawal. You can prevent this side effect from becoming too severe by lessening your caffeine intake a week before your juice diet in Singapore. Let your body get used to the caffeine deficiency before you go all in.
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