5 Best Video Conferencing Hardware


Video conferencing hardware has made communication between team members and clients easier eliminating the factor of distance and has being incremental in raising productivity in businesses. Find below 5 best video chat hardware available for users making communication much more fluent and fluid.

  1. ezTalks Onion

ezTalks Onions is one of the most advance video conferencing hardware available to users. It is easy to set up and use and comes bundled with many components built in a single device which included a HD camera, speakers, microphone, Wi-fi and pre-installed software which allows video conferencing sessions go smoothly with high quality HD videos and distortion free sound.

The video conferencing hardware is compatible with ezTalks Meetings giving it additional features which the users can utilised during video conferencing such as screen sharing, interactive whiteboard etc.

  1. Highfive Video Conferencing Hardware

Highfive Video Conferencing Hardware can be controlled with any wi-fi enabled laptop, tablet, smart-phone etc. With a 120 degree viewing angle camera with low-light sensor automatically adjusting brightness, echo and noise cancelling microphones and good quality speakers, this video chat hardware ensures best audio and video quality during video conferencing sessions, making is a the most suitable option and preferred choice of hardware of video conferencing for business and enterprise users.

  1. Polycom RealPresence Medialign

Polycom RealPresence Medialig’s video conferencing equipment is user friendly and simple to use and comes as a bundled solution which included speakers, camera and a screen. It is easy to use and controlled  by its touch interface.

The eagle eye feature is the highlight of this video chat hardware, which eliminates audio and video distortions by tracking faces of every participant in a conference or video call and accordingly adjust video and audio.

  1. VidyoRoom-HD-2

VidyoRoom-HD-2 is one of the best video conferencing hardware in terms of video quality as it comes it a 4K video. Its dynamic adaptation technology adjust video quality based on internet connectivity to ensure minimal video and audio distortion and its screen splitting feature allows up to 16 participants on the same screen during a conference video call. This video conference hardware also comes with additional features like file sharing etc.

Screens need to be bought separately as it is not included as a part of this video chat hardware.

  1. Cisco DX80

Cisci DX80 comes with a 23 inch screen with other video conferencing equipmentsuch as speakers, microphone, a camera with video resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel mounted on the screen and has 8 GB internal storage and 2 GB RAM all bundled in one solution. This video chat conference comes fully assembled with pre-installed software and is ready to use straight out of the box requiring no extra set up.

It simplified user interface allows participants to join in conference calls and video calls at the touch of a button.

The verdict

All the above 5 mentioned hardware for video conferencing are widely used by users globally, but ezTalks Onion can be adjudged as the best video conferencing hardware enabling users to experience effortless video conferencing with its high definition videos, high precision audio combined with its high-performance processor.