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5 things people don’t share with strip club newbies  

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  1. Strip clubs do open in the day

There is a misconception strip clubs open very late at night and that strippers like some millennial bloodsucking animal come out only at night like some kind of vampire.  It’s not true. They open during the day time but because of the service they offer, they are busiest at night. Besides that, going to a strip club during the day says a lot about you that you might not like people to know. It says you are sad, lonely and desperate. Night revellers are seen as adventurous people who are looking for attention.

  1. You can’t be handsy

Put yourself in the dancer’s shoes: How would you feel if some random person started groping you?  Remember that a strippers Melbourne are human beings too, they shouldn’t be treated any less because they happens to strip for a living.

  1. Do not go on stage

Forget the movies. No one is going to invite you on stage to come and shake your thang. Sure, you’ve seen enough women twerking on music videos (– it seems like that is all they do anyway), that doesn’t mean there is somebody just dying to see you do your thing. Sit down. You are not part of the show. Just enjoy what’s being presented to you on stage.

Real life is not like Pretty woman, so leave your saviour complex at home.

It might not look or feel like it but the stripper that is performing for you is at work. She has taken a lot if time to learn the choreography and to act as well as she has so that you believe that she thinks you are the best thing to have walked through that door that day. If you enjoy a performance, tip the performer well. Remember, life is not a movie. That dancer who is working the pole is not Julia Roberts, waiting to be rescued. And yes, she truly might be working her way through college  you would be surprised at how many MBAs Strip clubs have helped finance.

  1. Don’t throw change

Everybody says you should break your large dollar bills into smaller denominations but please, make sure that it’s still paper money. Don’t throw change on stage, it tacky, disrespectful and dangerous.

  1. You can say No

Strippers Melbourne will try to sell you on the idea of a lap dance and your mates may try to nudge you along Lap dances are not mandatory, so you can say “NO” to anyone who offers one. It’s awkward but allowed. Remember, the stripper is more interested in what’s in your wallet more than she is interested in you or anything else that goes on around the club. You friends on the other hand might just be trying to get you to enjoy your strip club experience. Yes, lap dances are great but you are under no obligation to accept one. Be as polite as possible but make sure the stripper understand it’s hard “NO” to a lap dance and she will leave you alone.

It might be your one wild night out but the rules still apply. You need t respect the club rules. Keep your hands to yourself. Be polite and respectful and all will be well.