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5 Tips to a Beautiful Front Entry Doors

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Most homeowners tend to concentrate on the other aspects of curb appeal but forget the most important one; the front door. The truth of the matter is that your front door form’s your visitor’s first impression hence there is a need to make it count. Just ask yourself, when you are driving or walking down the street, as you pass the homes in your neighborhood, where do your eyes go first? Most probably it is the front door. Here are the top five tips to beautiful front entry doors.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint Regularly

Painting your front entry door is among the easiest and most affordable ways to update your home. Luckily, this is a simple task that you can always do on your own. However, you need to be careful not to mess around. Make sure that you pick the right color that will complement your home’s overall style. Take your time to pick the right shade and be sure to check how your preferred color interacts with sunlight at the different times of the day. You should also make up your mind on the type of finish that you want to use ahead of time.

And Don’t Just Paint but Paint a Captivating Pattern

If you are looking for something unique and exciting, then try creating a unique pattern instead of adding a single wash color. Bold geometric prints will always work perfectly for this idea. You can paint stripes, large triangles, or polka dots to make your front door look great. However, this approach isn’t for everyone, and it’s a move that will make a statement in your neighborhood. You should also consider choosing a color combination that will showcase an exemplary contrast of shades.

Embrace a Modern Door Design

You should also consider your door design if you want to make it more welcoming. The full paneled yet opaque front entry doorsdesign is on the rise, and you can try it out if it fits well in your overall home style. Most of the modern front doors are sleek and simple. Furthermore, they are energy-efficient and make your home look fancy.

Update Your House Numbers

This is a cheap, easy, and most importantly, fun way to add a little beauty to your front entry doors. You can freshen up your exterior with new house numbers. Take your time and explore all the possible options before you select a perfect mix-and-match set of impressive numbers. Don’t feel confined to place the numbers on your mailbox or wall but hang them somewhere strategic on your door to offer that unique appearance. Choose an exciting number style and figure out the color, sizes, and style that you think will appear good.

Add Plant Pots Around the Door

Typically, your front door becomes much more welcoming when there is some greenery around it. So, make sure that you add unique plant pots and well-maintained flower beds that frame the door brilliantly. There is a wide range of plants and flowers that look beautiful when placed on either side of your front door entry.

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