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5 Tips to Efficiently Use Your Sage 300 ERP Software

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It is often the features in Sage 300 ERP systems businesses in Singapore use that employees do not usually see or consider that might help them get more out of the system. It can also make their jobs more straightforward. Here are five tips and methods Sage 300 users may apply, ranging from time-saving strategies to settings that help improve accuracy and security.

#1 Use General Ledger (G/L) Security

General Ledger (G/L) Security of Sage 300 ERP software of their Singapore firm is valuable if you need to retain distinct levels of access to the accounts inside your company. Top management may need access to all accounts you handle. However, intermediate managers and rank-and-file employees do not require access to the ledgers. 

#2 Use G/L Batches

Check if the ERP software provider for your firm in Singapore offers provisional G/L batches. It is practical if you are making month-end adjustment entries and need to double-check everything. Using the G/L batches application is also great if you have fresh people on board handling accounts and want to double-check their entries. Unlike regular applications, it lets you edit entries before officially posting.  

#3 Choose Processing for Item Costing

Often, items are priced at Day-End Processing by default. However, you can also construct sub-ledger transactions and audit information when you post. Look for an ERP software provider in Singapore that lets you activate it through conventional desktop software or the I/C web screen in Sage 300 cloud. Costing during posting can use a significant amount of system resources. Therefore, notify your colleagues if you intend to do so.

#4 Automatically Attach PDF Reports to Emails

Forget about exporting reports and then searching for them in File Explorer. Check if the Sage 300 ERP software your Singapore firm uses can let you attach PDF reports to new emails directly. It makes the software create and attach the report as a PDF file to a new Outlook email. This feature is only available in the original desktop software.

#5 Skip Printing to Review Data Integrity Checker Log

It is advisable to regularly run a data integrity check and evaluate the findings by printing them. However, the log might be rather large, especially if you have integrated all the modules. The Data Integrity Check on most software saves a record to your Shared Data folder and opens it in a Crystal Reports reader. If you are using Sage 300 cloud ERP software provider for your firm in Singapore, you may do the data integrity check using the web interface. You may also choose to print the report if you wish. 

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