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5 Valuable Tips to Learn the Korean Language Quicker

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Each of the four core language skills–namely listening, reading, speaking, and writing–is crucial. Hence, it is imperative to put work into improving each one. However, to study Korean, you must first comprehend the writing system. Here are five tips to help you learn the unique characters the Korean language uses.

#1 Create a Vocabulary List

No one can develop their Korean writing skills until they have a vocabulary. Put effort into regularly learning a new vocabulary, even outside the Korean language course you are taking in Singapore. Update the list each time you discover a new word or phrase. However, remember not to depend too heavily on transliterations when studying a character language.

#2 Determine Language Goals

It is understandable if you are one of the people who cannot devote your time solely to language acquisition or attending a Korean language class around Singapore. Hence, list your goals before enrolling in a Korean course at a language centre. No one will blame you if you can only allot one hour to practise every day.

#3 Persistent Writing & Reading Practice

Maintaining writing is crucial while learning a new language, especially one with a convoluted writing system like Korean. It is beneficial to master the characters and alphabet after your Korean online or offline class in Singapore. Furthermore, it is critical to write each character stroke in a precise order. It can take some if you are not used to working with characters.

#4 Focus on Every Character

Try being creative with your language studies. After learning the various characters for each alphabet and writing method in your Korean class in Singapore, practise at every chance. There are a few ways to practise, like looking up the lyrics to your favourite K-Pop song and honing your reading and writing skills by penning the words.

#5 Experiment with the Language

Stop being afraid of making mistakes after attending a Korean language class in Singapore. Nobody will pass judgement on you. Learning a new language should be a joyful and fantastic experience, not stressful. Remember your end goals and have fun as you arrive at every point along your learning journey. Making errors in class will also give you additional opportunities to enhance your abilities faster.

Attending a reputable Korean language centre like ONLYOU can help hone your skills faster. They are a Korean language centre managed by a tight-knit group of Korean language aficionados. They believe that by educating, they can assist pupils in using the language outside the classroom and share their linguistic talents. Visit ONLYOU Korean Language School’s website to learn more about the group and their programmes.