5 Ways To Alleviate The Symptoms Of Gout

When there is an increase in the levels of uric acid in your body, there is an arthritis-like pain in the joints and we can term this condition as gout. The joints become inflamed due to which there is a lot of pain. The affected person suffers and has discomfort. If you notice gout symptoms, get it checked and diagnosed with a Bluecrest Health Screening. Using home remedies after consulting a doctor can give some relief in gout. Following are the top 5 ways to alleviate the symptoms of gout. Use these remedies to reduce gout.

Use Ginger

Ginger is a useful remedy for reducing inflammation caused by gout. Besides using ginger as a food, you can drink ginger tea. Apply ginger topically over the skin on painful areas of the joints. Boil water with ginger, dip a cloth in it, wait for some time to cool and apply on painful joints like a compress.  

Use Celery

Use celery seeds and extract to get relief from inflammation caused by gout. Eat celery and its seeds several times daily. Take celery extract or drink its juice. Another way to get relief from gout is to eat raw celery sticks.

Use Cherries

Eat raw cherries or drink its juice. The best way to consume the berry for gout is to choose red or black cherries. You can also take the extract of cherries. Cherries that have a sour or sweet taste are good. Take cherry in any way you like. Consume 3 servings in 2 days time.

Use Dandelion

Dandelion helps in reducing the problem of gout. Take its extract or drink its tea. You can also take dandelion supplements. Use dandelion supplements according to directions on the label.   

Use Hibiscus

We all are familiar with hibiscus as a flower but it is useful for gout as a remedy too. It can reduce your uric acid levels. Consume the extract of hibiscus or drink its tea. It is also beneficial to take hibiscus in the form of supplements. Take the supplement as per the directions.