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Are Carpet Tiles From Singapore Worth It?

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Many entrepreneurs and homeowners choose carpet over other flooring options due to its impressive durability and one-of-a-kind look. Its thick woven fabric can withstand heavy foot traffic and handle stains well compared to floor types available in home improvement stores near you. But did you know that this wall-to-wall floor covering comes in carpet tiles in Singapore?

Unlike traditional broadloom carpeting, carpet tiles are square pieces of fabric flooring that adheres to the base of your space using glue, staples, or even nails. They are similar to the usual carpeted flooring, but they are known and loved for giving the following benefits:

Painless To Install

Carpet tiles are one of the flooring types that require fuss-free installation. Whether you are planning to get interior or grass carpet tiles in Singapore, you may choose to place them on your floors yourself without hiring contractors.

Cheaper Than Other Options

Aside from being easy to install, carpet tiles are also more affordable than other types of flooring. You could even visit a vinyl flooring supplier in Singapore to see the amount you can save by getting carpet tiles for your living or working space.

Lasts For Quite Some Time

Unlike other floor options, carpet tiles rarely get scratched, cracked, or chipped. They are the ideal flooring for areas where people spend most of their days because these carpet squares endure heavy traffic. You can even customise their thickness and weight to suit the traffic levels of your space.

Easy To Maintain

If you want a flooring type that requires less maintenance than wood, stone, or vinyl floors, you could opt for carpet tiles for your home. They only need you to vacuum them now and then—and if a part of the carpet gets ripped, you will only need to replace the affected tile.Shop for carpet tiles in Singapore today by heading over to The Mill International! Contact their website to browse their modular or square carpet options.