Bail bonds and their types

Bail bonds are legal document or bonds. They are a mutual contract between a bondman and the legal jurisdiction about an accused that should mandatorily attend the hearing and should physically appear for the same on specified date and time. The bondsman or bonds company would be held responsible if in case the accused will not appear accordingly.

Types of bail bonds

There are mainly five types of bail bonds, they are as follows-

  1. Cash bail bond – Under this, the signer provides the entire amount asked or decided by the court. The court holds the amount submitted by the signor till the time the accused attend all the hearing decided by the court. In last after completion of the hearings, the court refunds the money to the signor.
  2. Surety bail bond – Surety bail bonds are insurance and court allows it to be considered in place of cash. The bail bonds orange beach al Companies work with surety bail bonds. Under this, the company has a tie-up with an insurance company that backs all the bonds.
  3. Property bail bond – Under this, cash is replaced by the property. When the signer has some property equivalent or more than the amount prescribed by the court for the bail then the signor can put that property as a guarantee.
  4. Citation release – Under this, the arresting officer release the accused before going to the court on the condition that the defendant will attend the hearings. This is known as “cite-out”.
  5. Own recognizance – Under this the jurisdiction itself allows the defendant to stay out of imprisonment with a belief that the defendant will honestly appear to all the hearings.

A bail bond is actually not a punishment imposed by the court but it is an incentive to encourage the defendant to attend responsible all the hearing decided by the jurisdiction.