Bail bonds can be Advantageous

The only thing that you might know about the services of bail bonds is whatever you see on the television. But when you face such a situation yourself or for your friend, you will know that there can be a few basic options for getting the release from jail. You can procure the release on personal recognition. You can also pay the full cash amount for the bail to the court or jail. The last option is to get the surety bond which will be an alternative to the cash bond.

Providing a guarantee

On posting a surety bond, it is understood that a bail bond company is being the guarantee to the court for your or your friend’s attendance at all sessions of hearings. If you don’t appear in the court according to the order, or the bail bonds daphne al company does not return you to the jail, the company will pay the full bond amount to the court. The non-refundable fee amounts to ten percent of the full bond amount. So if the bond amount is $2000, the bail company has to pay $200 to the court.

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Getting the co-signer

After the arrest, any defendant will call up a friend or a family member for helping to come out of the jail. The best place to start a call is the bail bonds daphne al company. The agent has enough experience in the field to find out your location immediately while you will be able to provide the personal information. So it will be easier for you to locate that person who can be your friend or family member without calling up every local jail for tracing the defendant. A co-signer is a requirement for such bonds. The co-signer will also have the responsibility to pay the full value of the bond in case of any further discrepancy or non-attendance of the defendant at the court.

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