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Chic Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

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There is a saying that women with round faces should not have short haircuts. This is simply a silly remark to make. A short hairstyle can look great on anyone no matter what shape their face is. The key to this is finding the right haircut to compliment you and your facial features. Read about short hairstyles for round faces more here.

An important factor to consider when finding the right hairstyle to suit you is to make sure you choose a style that will work well with your hair texture. The right type of haircut can even give your face a more elongated appearance. This can be achieved with a pixie as well as with a bob hairstyle.

The right stylist will be able to use factors in the style that will create a slimming effect on your face. Ways that this can be accomplished is with a m idle part with a bob hairstyle, adding volume in the correct locations or attaining side-swept bangs.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Style

Whether you choose a layered pixie or a curly bob these trendy styles can look great on you if you remember a few important keys.

  • The first key to remember is that generally speaking, the ideal cut is a few inches below the chin and sometimes longer. There are some exceptions to this rule so don’t allow this to make or break your decision.
  • Next, most haircuts have a feature that stylists use that adds volume to the sides. For women with round faces the opposite effect should be sought and the volume should be added to the top or length of your hairstyle.
  • Also, jaw length bobs are a no-no. Especially if you are a person who has a shorter length neck. Blunt cut types tend to have the effect of accenting the roundness of the face. Longer is a more ideal look in this case.
  • Finally, light waves are a plus when it comes to deflecting facial roundness. As your hair is drying, scrunch it. You can also use a large barreled curling iron to add gorgeous curls.

To Bob or to Pixie, that is the Question

Whether you choose a bob or a pixie hairstyle is completely your preference. There are multiple styles in each type of cut that will suit various hair types. Whether your hair is fine and thin or whether it is thick and lustrous there are hairstyles that are geared specifically toward these two specific factors.

One’s age should not be a stumbling block when it comes to choosing a short hairstyle either. As women age, they tend to desire a more manageable, easier to maintain hairstyle to simplify their lives. This is why more women letting go of their long locks to acquire a short, chic hairstyle. Short haircuts for round faces come in a wide array of styles and designs so don’t be afraid to experiment to find the perfect style for you.