Choosing the Right Types of Party Dresses


Having the right party dress is important as it can boost a woman’s self-confidence. However, the right type of party dress is always based on the occasion you will be going to. Party dresses can be categorized into three types, these include, formal, semi-formal and casual dresses. Formal dresses are mostly worn during classy occasions. Semi-formal dresses are the halfway dress between formal and casual dresses, this dress can both be used during casual and classy occasions. On the other hand, casual dresses are mostly worn during non-formal occasions and ordinary days.

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Party Dresses

Knowing your body shape is the first step to pick the perfect wedding party dress to be worn in wedding occasions. For those women who have a pear shape body, you need to pick a dress that shows much of your cleavage. This look can make your waist thinner. On the other hand, if you are one of those women who have petite figures, never pick a fitted and hugging dress. Hugging dress can only expose your under developed body. You must purchase a dress that has pleated designs to cover up your shape. It will be better for those chubby women to wear a dress that adds height just like dresses that have low neckline.

Keep in mind that the comfort needs to be considered also, when you will be picking the right wedding party dress. You must fit the dress you will be wearing several times before finalizing whether you will wear it or not. Keep in mind that above all, comfort is the most important factor in order to wear the dress appropriately.

How to Pick the Best Short Party Dresses

Short party dresses can make woman look sassy and flirty. This is the preferred dress of choice especially for those who wanted to look young and feminine. However, there are different aspects to consider first before choosing the right short party dress. You need to consider first the time and the place of the party. For example, using dresses that have thin and breathable fabric is best suitable during summer and beach parties.

For indoor parties, you can wear any styles of short party dresses. However, if you will be attending in outdoor parties, you must choose a dress that is not too tight, and keep in mind that you need to bring jacket. You can use blazer, cardigan or even leather jacket for your short party dress.

Keep in mind that the occasion must be considered too when you will be using short party dresses. You need not to be bold when you will be going for a formal and semiformal occasion. Short party dresses are best worn during cocktail parties, home coming parties, and in some cases formal events.

The Five Types of Evening Dresses

There are five major types of evening dresses. The first type of evening dress is the formal dress that can be mostly worn on formal weddings, galas, operas and concerts. Semi-formal dresses are about knee to calf length and have designs such as sequins and ruffles. Semi-formal dresses are mostly made of satin and taffeta.

Casual evening dresses are dresses made up of comfortable fabrics such as cotton or polyester. “Abendkleider” of these types can either have simple and extravagant designs. On the other hand, long sleeve-dress and evening attires can make a woman look more sophisticated. If you are one those women who does not want to use shawl or shrug, long sleeve dress are the best garment for you to wear.

Little black dress is a dress that can be worn on casual or formal events. Each woman has her own version of black dress; however, little black dress can be defined more with accessories, clutch, heels, and gloves.