Christmas party season fridge hire

What’s your contingency plan if a fridge breaks down during the festive entertaining season?

If you run a restaurant, hotel, pub, school, events venue or exhibition space then the ability to serve refreshments and food is expected by guests.

This is arguably never truer than during the Christmas party season which sees a tidal wave of eaters and drinkers step over your doorstep.

It’s their Christmas party and excellence is part of the deal in their eyes so telling a group of revelers that the fridge broke down and there’s a limited menu or a lesser choice of refreshments could be viewed as a disaster by the clients.

It certainly won’t lead to word of mouth recommendations.

The trick to effective management and a lot less stress is to have a contingency plan in place. If the on-site facilities break down then you have all you need to know about how and where to hire fridge trailers or cold rooms at the click of a button or at the end of the phone.

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Don’t wait until the fridge breaks down before you investigate your mobile refrigeration options, plan now and reap the rewards later if fate should happen to throw a proverbial spanner in to the works.

Long established and expert fridge hire firms like Icecool Trailers in Berkshire are extremely well acquainted with legislation and client demands so in an emergency they will act swiftly and get hire fridge trailer units to site without unnecessary delays.

Remember, companies based in one county regularly serve others, for example, Icecool Trailers serve the Thames Valley, Home Counties, London, South Wales and the Midlands so you don’t need to choose the company that is just around the corner from your premises that has so-so reviews.

You deserve the best so get it. By planning ahead for mobile refrigeration you can be more selective.

Let’s face facts, when you’re in headless chicken mode and you have no contingency plan you could possibly choose the worst service provider simply because they have a neighbouring postcode. This could cost you dearly.

Read reviews and evaluate who could be your “knight in shining armour” if Christmas proves too much for your fridge.

With reputable mobile refrigeration companies, the units will be secure, maintained and in full working order.

Most companies will set the equipment up exactly where you need it, even moving shelves to correct heights for your benefit.

This takes the pressure from the client so that they can run the kitchen and business as efficiently as possible without labouring on the new fridge hire unit.

If the on-site fridge has to stay and there’s no space within the premises to house another one then a hire fridge trailer is the answer.

It can be positioned adjacent to a kitchen, close to a marquee, in the car park, wherever it’s needed.

It’s cost effective and good business to think ahead about fridge hire. Don’t neglect this essential consideration.