Construction Focus – Mini vs Midi Excavators

The primary difference between the mini and the midi excavator is size; the mini excavator class are in essence the smallest class of excavators in the market and have a variety of uses within their own niche or spectrum. On the other hand, midi excavators are slighter bigger in general have longer reach and are more powerful than the mini excavator and stand in the mid-point between mini and standard excavators which allow them to work in both spectrum.

Although similar benefits of these machines come in the form of their compact design and light weight which make them mobile and easily hauled about with smaller trucks that do not require Commercial Driving Licenses and both types are capable of performing in tight spaces, there are some considerations that have to be made with regards to which type is more suited for your project.

Whilst mini excavators are excellent for indoor projects, landscaping, sewer & drainage repairs, water line installations that don’t require the reach and power of larger machines, the Midi excavator provides both the compactness and the needed power and reach to perform tasks that mini excavators cannot. Situations where space is limited but excavator reach and power are essential; the midi excavator is a perfect candidate.

The plus point here is the fact that Midis are also capable of handling tasks within the scope of standard projects that are generally tasked to standard excavators. Hence the best way to know which type of excavator would benefit you the most, it would be essential that you know exactly what your project requires. Here are some pointers on how to determine which excavator would suit the project best:

Digs and Lifting Capacity

Almost every construction project will require a certain amount of digging required, this dimensions of the ‘dig’ therefore would be a priority factor towards considering the type of excavator that would be needed. The depth of the dig, the size of the dig, the space within which the dig has to be done all plays a role in choosing the right excavator. If the depth and soil permits a mini excavator, then it would be most viable to get a mini excavator for hire.

On the other hand if a mini excavator will not be able to deliver the dig in terms of depth and simultaneously removing the dug up earth, then consideration must be given to a midi excavator. Other equally important considerations that should be taken into account include bucket capacity, counterweight options and even the space and worksite conditions. 


The price of excavators go by size, and as most of us probably already know standard excavators are more expensive and mini excavators are less expensive. However, choosing the wrong equipment that may be too small to perform the require task can be an even more costly mistake. Hence, renting a midi excavator would perhaps keep the project and its budget within a safe zone.

It is always advisable to hire excavators rather than buy them as different projects require different excavator capacity and therefore buying an excavator for a specific construction project is never a good strategy.