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Different Benefits of CoolSculpting

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What if told there was another option, a non-surgical way to sculpt your body and it’s now available from Skin Cancer Specialists, P.C. & Aesthetic Center, too! If you have not heard already, CoolSculpting has been approved by the FDA, which means you know it’s safe and quite effective. We are also aware that it takes time for CoolSculpting to work. You will most likely be advised to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet and you should expect to lose about one pound per week, although you may see results sooner rather than later. Here’s what the CoolSculpting doctors had to say:

“A few patients reported a short-term increase in skin sensitivity to cold temperatures following cold temperatures treatments. This usually occurred in the first few days of the treatment and tapered off rapidly. No other long term side effects were noted.”

Another cool sculpting benefit is that you won’t experience the same kind of pain or tenderness that you would from a traditional plastic surgery procedure. In fact, with this non-surgical procedure, you could go back to work right after you’re done and don’t have to take pain medications. You will also experience no significant skin sensitivity or scarring that might take months to fade away. With all of these benefits, why is CoolSculpting only used on the facial areas of the body? The experts at the P.C. found that the benefits of the treatment far outweigh the negative aspects that could be associated with using CoolSculpting.

Perhaps the most popular benefit of coolsculpting as an alternative cosmetic procedure is weight loss. The majority of the patients who’ve undergone the treatment are losing inches from their waist and hips. Even if you aren’t in your forte yet when it comes to trimming your waist, you can still expect to see the benefits of this procedure. This procedure works because the cool sculpting medium that is used to melt the fat also tightens your skin at the same time.

This new form of liposuction offers a way to get rid of unwanted fat cells without having to undergo a large surgery. CoolSculpting works by making your existing fat cells melt away so that new ones can grow. Your skin will look tighter and toned because the area around your muscles will contract during the treatment, leaving you looking younger and firmer than ever before. As a result of this effect, most patients experience great results with their overall appearance after CoolSculpting. Many people even report being able to lose significant amounts of weight after the procedure.

While coolsculpting may not be a substitute for surgery, many cancer specialists are recommending this procedure to patients who have tried other methods but have not seen the same results they were hoping for. Not only is it a non-invasive and non-toxic method of fat removal, it also leaves behind smoother lines and improved texture than traditional liposuction methods. Unlike other procedures, coolsculpting can help improve the look of sagging skin around your arms and neck. If non-surgical options do not work, you may want to consider coolsculpting to help eliminate your fat problem.