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Do You  Know Why People Are Moving To New Jersey?

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A recent article was published that revealed, New Jersey is among the top listers from where people are moving out in 2020, as per the study made by United Van Lines. This is actually the 3rd consecutive year, this trend was seen. People even don’t prefer to move to the neighboring state of New York rather move to either Idaho or to South Carolina.

We tried to find the reason for leaving this state and we found that most people prefer to leave NJ for their retirement and then the next reasons in order are family, job, and lifestyle issues. Now another reason has been added i.e. for health. People are moving because of COVID-19 too.

Another very interesting point that has been observed that many people are also moving into New Jersey. Besides the common reasons like job and family reasons, there are quite a few other reasons too.

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Let us now list out the reasons why people are still finding New Jersey an attractive place to shift there.

  1. More space available

If you have been living in any small apartment then moving to NJ will offer you a pleasant change, where plenty of spacious houses are available.

  1. Quieter place

Tired of the noises of the city? Move to NJ where, by opening your windows, chirping birds, giggles of children, and rustling leaves only will welcome you.

  1. All towns are family-friendly

Here you will feel safe when your kids are playing outside. There will be many families around you, whose children are also of similar age.

  1. Few of the country’s best schools  are here

You will find a few of the country’s best schools available over here. The communities of NJ continuously invest in ensuring that your kids get one of the best education.

  1. You can easily get out to enjoy nature

NJ is also known as the Garden State of the country for not without any reason. You can find plenty of beautiful natural places to visit.

Plenty of cultures

Few prestigious cultural institutions can be found nearby like theater, living history museum, live jazz, and so on.

  1. Amazing bars and restaurants

You will find many bars and restaurants where you will get authentic ethnic cuisines.

  1. You can get tax benefits

New Jersey’s rate of income tax and sales taxes will be much lower than what it is in New York. You can work in NY and by living in NJ you can avail lower rate.

  1. You can enjoy more value for your money

Why live in NY in any cramped 2-bedroom apartment when you can get a spacious home in NJ at the same price?

  1. Never have to pump gas again

Gas is much cheaper in NJ, and also it is the state law not to pump gas of your own.