Emergency Flood Restoration Denver CO


When pipes burst due to the cold or the rain level causes flooding in your home or business, your property can be destroyed in a matter of minutes. That’s when you need emergency flood restoration Denver CO. We are there within hours to begin the process of assessing the damage and of repairing your property.

We arrive onsite within two hours of your call if you are within our two-hour service area. We then take a look at the damage that occurred and make an estimate of what it will take to repair your home and restore it to its original equipment.

We are unique within the disaster restoration industry in that we are a one-stop-shop for all things related to your home or business. With other disaster restoration companies, you would need to contact a general contractor to come in and repair the damage after the process of disaster mitigation and remediation has been completed.

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With our company, we help guide you through the insurance claim process and serve as a partner to help you get a fair settlement. You are not alone as you deal with the insurance company, and you have one point of contact in our company to help you get your life back to the way it was.

With water damage, you don’t just have to worry about the water flooding the building. You have to worry about the water that you can’t see, in walls, in floors, etc. that can cause mold to grow. This can cause family members to become very sick. We use advanced drying equipment and state-of-the-art testing equipment like digital FLIR thermal infrared imaging to make sure that there is no water left.

After we finish the drying process, we start the water damage content restoration process. We offer full reconstruction and restoration services that are high-quality and make sure that you are happy with the result of our work.

We work with most major insurance companies, and we have professionals on staff to help you navigate the insurance claim process in areas such as documentation of your losses. You have people you can call within our company who know the insurance industry inside and out, and they are ready to help you if you have any questions about getting your emergency flood restoration Denver CO claim going and clearing any potential hurdles or delays that may arise.