Enjoy every moment with The Singleton when in Thailand


For all occasion

Single malt whiskey can be enjoyed on all occasions by all people. It is a premium scotch whiskey that is served in every hotel, lounge, and restaurant in the whole of Thailand. The cost of Singleton aging 12, 15, and 18 years is much cheap in this country from other parts of the world, so people who visit Thailand purchase scotch and single malt bottles but within the limit as per the state law. Drinking Singleton is a luxury and a part of world culture. Whether drinking The Singleton with family or alone, it ensures pleasure and freshness. It can be served in any form but still looks different from all drinks. It can be used in business meetings and at parties, and one can have a peg of single malt after a meal for better digestion.

Trained bartender required

It is not easy to prepare drinks with Single malt scotch whisky. To make a successful drink that will make them happy guests, one must know about it so that even if it is served in a simple way, the guest gets the right taste of it. If one chooses to make a cocktail out of it, the mix must be appropriate because all Singleton does not taste the same due to differences in distilleries. Spending a holiday in Thailand and not experiencing the fun of single malt is not expected. Even a small restaurant offers you the authentic Singleton. Never let this chance go.

Let the holiday be remarkable.

Spending time beside the beach of Thailand with a sip of Singleton is an awesome feeling which will be in your mind forever. If you opt to take the sweet fruit flavor of Singleton of Glendullan, then have it on the rocks. The cask smell will pass through your nose, and a thin, smooth flavor will pass through your mouth. All whisky lovers prefer Single Malt on the rocks only because of its smoothness and cask bourbon taste.