Entry-Level Marketing Jobs for New College Grads

Are you a current or upcoming college graduate in the marketing field? If so, then you have hopefully already begun preparing for what entry level marketing jobs you will have once you have earned your degree and start searching forjobs in USA, jobs in UK, jobs in Canada or jobs in Australia. You should also consider looking at sites such as Joblang, which can help you find positions in any field.The following guide will help you understand the basics about some of the most common entry-level marketing jobs for new college grads, and hopefully help you on your journey to choose the entry level job that is best for your career.

Marketing Coordinator

A marketing coordinator is someone who helps with planning, researching and analyzing a marketing team. Marketing coordinators often handle multiple types of responsibilities, ranging from forecasting sales to placing media, implementing various marketing campaigns, and creating reports based on marketing success and other factors. Marketing coordinators will need to be highly organized in order to handle all of these responsibilities.

Public Relations Coordinator

A public relations coordinator is someone who coordinators the public image of a company or organization. This means they will work with the press and media, help plan events, create press releases and pitches, and contribute to various public relations aspects such as social media and public statements. Public relations coordinators are also the ones who handle any sort of problems or situations, such as public image concerns.

Outside Sales Representative

An outside sales representative is someone ho acts as the go-between for their company and anyone purchasing outside sales. Outside sales representatives work with clients and attempt to find more clients through networking and cold calls. This job requires plenty of people skills and usually involves traveling as well.

Junior Business Analyst

A junior business analyst will work with a senior analysis team in order to help monitor, generate and examine performance sales and related financial systems. Junior analysts are responsible for reporting sales trends and creating forecasts that are essential for the work of a senior analyst team.

Social Media Specialist

A social media specialist is someone who specializes in the use of social media, including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Twitter and more. Social media specialists help to increase follower counters, follow engagement, integrate the company into online communities, and represent the brand through social media. Social media specialists are a relatively new specialization in the marketing industry, but with the massive importance of social media in online marketing today, they are becoming a very hot career path.

Which type of entry-level marketing position you pursue after graduation will depend on your personal experience, your personal skills, and the area of marketing you are interested in pursuing. It’s important that you pursue an entry-level position that is related to the career path you want to take, so make sure that you consider this when making your final selections. And remember: this entry-level job could be the very first stepping stone towards the rest of a lucrative career, so make sure that you prepare yourself thoroughly in order to do your best and impress with company with your hard work and dedication.