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Event App: 4 Benefits of Online Event Registration Worth Knowing 

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Many event planners search for novel ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality to stay competitive in the events industry, becoming increasingly cutthroat due to the effort required to host even a simple party. While there is a growing trend to take all aspects of event management online with event registration software, many event organisers are still concerned that the prospect of submitting their data online will deter their participants. Here are a few benefits of opting for online event registration

1. Protected Online Data Entry

With this first benefit, there are always exceptions, and experts recommend that when searching for an online event registration provider—you inquire about their security standards and safeguards to ensure that your participant’s data is in a secure environment. And if you use software that stores data behind a firewall and encrypts all payment information, having your participants store their data online is just as safe as sending payment and personal information through the mail.

2. Quick and Easy Registration

Paper registration requires the participant to download and print the form or pick up a copy at the event office, fill it out, write a check, and either pay the postage to mail it back or drop it off in person. A participant who links to the form from your event app has a quick and streamlined experience when registering online. An online registrant can quickly complete a simple, custom-tailored online form that collects only the information necessary to register for an event.

3. Real-Time Reports

Accepting paper registration forms necessitates manual updates to attendee reports, which can result in a heavy workload, particularly in the days leading up to an event. An online event registration system will allow you to observe the real-time insertion of your registration data into the database. It enables you to get a more accurate count of expected attendees and the supplies required to support them when they arrive at the event.

4. Automated Confirmation Emails

Most online registration software will automatically send a confirmation email to the participant, notifying them that their payment was received and their spot in the event is reserved. This instant confirmation from an online RSVP will provide participants with peace of mind and reduce the administrative effort required to respond to anxious registrants inquiring about the status of their submissions.For inquiries about your desired online RSVP layout for your upcoming event, visit Evention in Singapore today.