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Exploring different types of bonus rounds in online slots

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For online slots, the most exciting aspect of the game is the bonus round. Bonus rounds add a layer of thrill and entertainment, offering players to win big and experience unique gameplay features.  The free spins bonus round is a common feature in many online slots. During this round, players are awarded a certain number of free spins, allowing them to spin the reels without using their credits. Free spins often come with additional perks, such as multipliers that increase the value of wins or stacked wild symbols that boost the chances of hitting winning combinations.

  1. Pick-and-win bonus round

In the pick-and-win bonus round, players are presented with symbols on the screen. They are then required to choose a certain number of items, revealing hidden prizes, multipliers, or even additional bonus rounds. This interactive feature adds an element of decision-making and anticipation, the gameplay more engaging and immersive.

  1. Wheel of fortune bonus round

Inspired by the popular game show, the Wheel of Fortune bonus round allows players to spin a virtual wheel divided into different segments, each representing a specific prize or bonus. The outcome of the spin determines the prize awarded to the player. This type of bonus round often offers lucrative rewards and keeps players on the edge of their seats as they wait for the wheel to stop.

  1. Cascading reels bonus round

The cascading reels bonus round is a visually captivating feature found in some online WT SLOT. After a winning combination is formed, the winning symbols disappear, and new ones cascade down to fill the empty spaces. If another winning combination is formed, the process repeats, potentially leading to a chain of consecutive wins. This feature adds excitement and increases the overall winning potential of the game.

  1. Expanding wilds bonus round

Expanding wilds are special symbols that expand vertically or horizontally to cover an entire reel. In the bonus round, players expanding wilds boost their chances of winning and remain sticky for a certain number of spins, providing more opportunities for big wins. This feature turns an ordinary spin into a thrilling and rewarding experience.

  1. Multi-level bonus round

Some online slots offer multi-level bonus rounds, where players progress through different stages by achieving specific objectives or triggering certain events. Each level presents new challenges and rewards, keeping players engaged and motivated to continue playing. Multi-level bonus rounds often come with impressive visuals and immersive storylines, adding depth to the gameplay.

  1. Gamble feature bonus round

The gamble feature bonus round provides players the opportunity to double or even quadruple their winnings by guessing the game of chance, such as guessing the color or suit of a playing card. While this feature adds an extra element of risk, it also significantly increases the excitement and potential rewards of the game.