Factors That Can Influence Your Compensation Amount After A Car Accident


Multiple factors can affect the overall value of the car accident victim’s compensation. The factors that could influence the compensation amount are usually associated with damages and injuries the victim encounters after the car accident. Although, many people do not know how their insurance claim or compensation from the liable party may get affected. 

You must know such essential factors. Otherwise, the compensation amount may be lesser than you would typically expect. The victim can negotiate with the insurance company or the defendant about the compensation amount, but the number is often low. You should contact a lawyer to know the exact value of your compensation after the accident. 

Factors affecting your overall compensation:

  • Liability of the car accident 

You would likely be entitled to total compensation if the driver was responsible for the car accident. The settlement would cover each damage and injury encountered by the victim. Although, if you are at fault for the accident, the compensation amount may be significantly influenced. The compensation value will be decided based on the state’s proportionate responsibility statute. 

  • Victim’s injuries 

Suppose you are a car accident victim encountering injuries that need medical treatment. In that case, it will be likely that the compensation amount will get affected as per the nature of your injuries. The severity of your injuries will decide if your compensation amount should go higher or lower. Minimal wounds will get less, whereas significant injuries will be rewarded with total compensation. 

  • Medical care 

Many people may not be aware of this, but if the victim delays seeking medical care after the accident, the insurance company uses it as a chance to reduce the claim amount. To avoid causing significant influence over the compensation amount, you must seek medical care promptly. It will increase your chances of a higher compensation amount. 

  • Statements 

The victim’s statement to the insurance company executive or adjuster can be used against them or their interests. For instance, if a victim mistakenly states their injuries were minor, the insurance adjuster will use such a statement to lower the claim amount. Apologizing at the accident scene may also give the insurance company a chance to assign fault to you. Hence, it would help if you thought before saying anything about the accident. 

  • Disabilities or impairments 

The compensation amount will heavily increase if the victim sustained permanent disability or impairment due to the car accident. Disabilities or impairments like paralysis, amputations, or brain damage are some examples that will influence the nature of the compensation. Loss of income due to disability can also affect the compensation value.