Have great fun of Dubai desert gallop

Dubai is one of the most popular cities that are known for its royalty and luxurious life style. People living in the same city or living in the other cities or countries of world cannot deny the natural beauty of this those sky touching buildings and the glamour of the Arabian Desert. Activities offered by Desert Safari Dubai make you able to have fun of playing among this glorious desert. Dune bashing, eye-catching scenes, belly dance show, delicious dinner all are the better claims for you.

What things you must have when going for desert gallop?

Going for desert trip means you are going to spend quality time close to nature so necessarily need to do special preparation for it.  To capture the breath taking scenery and worth cherishing views, you need to have high technology camera with you. Goggles, comfortable hats and Scarves are must for such trip. You need to wear the loose and comfortable clothing while going for desert jog.

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Experience the adrenalin rush with dune bashing

Dubai Desert Safari allows you to experience the teeth tightening and thrilling dune bashing in this beautiful sand land.  Really, this action can make your fix your seat belt and hold the door of your vehicle tightly. This adventure is sufficient to make your cry. Early morning and late evening is considered as the best time for this activity.

Get break from thrilling action and enjoy the photography among desert

After dune bashing, you need to some relaxation. Now, enjoying the beautiful scenes and capturing them in this camera is the best way to give bit relaxation your body and make mood for the night shows. Desert Safari company’s staff will escort you to the traditional desert camp where you will be provided with tea, date and other snacks. Here you will be welcomed in the cultural Arabian manner. Really, such moments are the subject to be captured in your camera.