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Here’s How I Achieved My Radiant Korean Glass Skin

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Many individuals are obsessed with Korean culture and content—including me. Most of my Spotify playlists are brimming with K-pop, K-alternative rock, and K-indie songs. I also enjoy Korean food like jajangmyeon, rabokki, and mandu and stay updated with the latest K-drama releases. Moreover, I like following their fashion and beauty trends. When Korean actors and actresses began using hyaluronic acid, I searched for a serum containing this moisturising ingredient. When Korean glass skin became a trend in their country, I looked for ways to help me achieve a similar effect.

However, finding products or spas to help me get Korean glass skin was more challenging than I thought. I tried using locally-available skin care products, but they did not work. I also had trouble finding a facility offering a glass skin treatment. Many offer lips, eyebrows, and eyeliner embroidery in Singapore, but they do not provide services that can help me get luminous skin.

But after a while, I found a trusted beauty studio near my residents offering Korean glass skin treatment. The establishment is called Lebellbrow Studio and is known for its lash lift and tint services. However, I decided to take a chance and try their facial treatment to see if it could help my skin appear more radiant.

Preparing For My Korean Glass Skin Treatment

For me, getting Korean glass skin treatment is like undergoing eyelash extensions, eyebrow microblading, or other services in Singapore. It required research to understand how the treatment would go and learn everything it could and could not do to my skin. Doing so also allowed me to set realistic expectations about the service.

But if you plan on getting Korean glass skin treatment at Lebellbrow Studio, research may be unnecessary—its aestheticians will explain everything you should know about the service. Moreover, they will prep your skin for the treatment to ensure you see impressive results. Since my skin had a few imperfections, they had to treat the blemishes and roughness first before letting me undergo their glass skin procedure. Doing so may have been a minor inconvenience, but it is a necessary step to help me mimic the looks of my favourite Korean actresses.

How My Korean Glass Skin Treatment Went

Admittedly, I felt hesitant to undergo a glass skin treatment at a facility known for doing eyebrow embroidery at an affordable price. I thought they could not help me achieve clear, elastic, and radiant skin, but I was wrong.

Since I have undergone a brow microblading or lips tattoo procedure in Singapore, getting a glass skin treatment felt familiar. The Lebellbrow Studio staff asked me to book a consultation before getting the service to help me understand what could happen during the treatment session and see if my face needed prep work. The procedure was quicker than I thought—but it did not disappoint.

Lebellbrow Studio’s Korean glass skin treatment helped my skin become more moisturised. It also minimised my pores and made my face more elastic. Its effects felt similar to wearing a hydrating face mask—but better.

If you want to undergo Korean glass skin treatment, I highly recommend Lebellbrow Studio and its expert aestheticians. Check out its website to learn more about its effective skin procedures.