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How A Motability Car Can Change Your Life

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Are you entitled to a Motability car, but have not claimed one yet? There are a lot of reasons why you should check them out if you could have one. There are all kinds of benefits that you’re missing out on, so read on to see what a car could do to change your life.

Adaptations To Suit Your Needs

Every person who is entitled to a Motability car has slightly different needs. You’ll need a car that’s designed to help you get on the road with ease. Car dealers know that, and that’s why when you pick a car, you can have all kinds of adaptations made to it. That way you’ll have a car that’s perfectly suited to you so you can get around without worrying about your car.

All Kinds Of Makes And Models

With your car, you won’t be restricted to just one make or model of car. There’s a wide range on offer for you. Just take a look at the Mercedes Benz Motability cars available at the Sandown Group. You can pick a car that’s perfect for you. Go visit your local dealer and talk about what cars they have available for you. You’ll be surprised at how many cars you can pick from.

Add More Drivers To Your Car

You’re entitled to a Motability car, but you’re not in a position to drive yourself. If that has put you off from getting a car before, now’s the time to think about looking for one. Your entitlement doesn’t only allow you the opportunity to drive the car, it also allows you to add other drivers too. If you have a spouse or partner, it’s perfect for them, as they can drive for you as you go about your life. It’s a great way to ensure you can get the benefit of the car without having to drive it yourself.

Many Expenses Are Covered

If you’re still worried about affording a Motability car, you’re in luck. Your Motability agreement means that many of the costs of car ownership will be covered. For example, car insurance and breakdown cover are included for you, in the cost of leasing the car. Your car tax is also covered, as well as servicing. You’ll even get a new car every three years, at no extra cost. You can get your freedom without worrying about the costs that come with it.

Get Your Independence

The most important thing with your Motability car is that you’ll gain your independence and freedom with it. It’s amazing how much difference it makes, having a car at your disposal. You’ll find it so much easier to get around and you won’t have to worry about public transport or taxi costs again. There isn’t a price you can put to that feeling.

There are so many reasons why you should consider a Motability car. If you haven’t already, visit your local car dealer and see what they can offer you. They can get you on the road sooner than you might think.