How do I watermark pdf?


Have you ever desired learning how to watermark a PDF file? A watermark is a semi-transparent graphic that is added into your PDF’s pages. They now act as a formal way to verify the legitimacy of your paper. Watermarks have historically been used to deter counterfeiting since this precisely generated picture will display in the same location on every page. You have a wide range of customization choices and may use any graphic. An excellent watermark will make any PDF appear more expert.

This article is for developers who are looking for guidance on how to programmatically apply a watermark using a Free PDF Converter. A watermark is an easily recognized picture or pattern that is used to identify work and prevent illegal usage of it. Unauthorized usage cannot be prevented by a visible watermark. However, it makes it more challenging for those who wish to claim a photograph or piece of artwork as their own.

A watermark in a PDF document is a word or picture that, like a stamp, appears either in front of or after the current document content. For instance, you might add a “Confidential” watermark to sites containing private data. Multiple watermarks can be added to one or more PDFs, but each watermark must be added independently. The page or range of pages on which each watermark appears can be specified. A PDF can have a watermark added to it via the user interface, C++ code, or JavaScript APIs.

Watermarking the source document

You can watermark the original file before creating the PDF if you’re turning a specific file into a PDF to distribute it. For instance, you may watermark a picture with a free programme or photo editor before turning it into a PDF. Microsoft Word may be used to watermark a word processing document that you are working on. To achieve this, open Word and select the “Design” tab before selecting “Watermark.” From the selection that displays, pick the appropriate watermark or click “Custom Watermark.” Select the picture or words you wish to use as a watermark by clicking on “Picture” or “Text” in the custom menu.

If your Word document’s watermark doesn’t display on every page, try picking those pages and repeating the process. You may convert a watermarked document you’ve created in Word or another application into a PDF. Select “Save As” from the Word “File” menu, then select “PDF” from the “File Format” drop-down. Click “File” and “Print” in other Windows apps, then choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” as the printer. You will be asked to save a new PDF document with your watermark when you click “Print.”

A logo or seal is typically used as a watermark, which is a semi-transparent graphic, to show who authored a particular document or image. If you wish to watermark a PDF file, you can either add the watermark directly to the PDF or make a file with a watermark in another software and convert it to a PDF.For instance, you may watermark a word processing document with Microsoft Word, an image file with Adobe Photoshop, or a variety of files using a dedicated watermark application.