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How Safe Is Your Uber Ride?

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People use rideshare services to get to their desired destination and for other reasons. One of the most used reasons for choosing Uber is obtaining a designated driver and avoiding the consequences of drinking and driving.

It is an excellent way of preventing DUI stops or being held liable for causing accidents. There are fewer chances of causing an accident when it comes to rideshare services. But if you somehow get into an accident while riding on an Uber, you should contact an Uber accident lawyer in Jersey City.

How safe is your Uber ride?

Whether your car driver or another motorist causes the accident, mentioned below are some of the common reasons why Uber accidents occur.

  1. Distracted driving includes talking on the phone, texting, playing with the music system, using GPS, etc.
  2. Not following the traffic rules like driving over the speed limit, running stop lights, Ignoring traffic lights, etc.
  3. Driving under the influence.
  4. Driving while fatigued or drowsy driving.
  5. Inexperienced drivers.

How to handle Uber accidents?

After you are involved in an Uber accident, you must call 911 for medical help and report the crash. Even if you feel like you are okay after the accident, some internal injuries may not show up immediately, and you might experience them after hours or days later.

If you are fine after the accident, gather the information and documentation at the scene, which can be beneficial when pursuing an injury claim.

  1. Photographs of the accident scene.
  2. Name, contact numbers, and addresses of witnesses to the crash.
  3. Contact information of the rideshare driver.
  4. Screenshot the receipt of your trip on the rideshare application.

It is also important to keep medical documentation and doctor’s notes related to your injury that occurred due to the accident. You should also contact a personal injury lawyer while seeking compensation.

Accidents involving Uber cabs are complicated and can be confusing as multiple parties can be involved in the accident. One major tough job in rideshare accident claims is negotiating with insurance company, especially big companies like Uber and Lyft. 

The insurance companies will try to throw lowball settlements, but your attorney will not back down until you receive the deserved compensation. Having medical care and running out of financial structure resulting from the accident can make the experience more daunting. 

Uber never reported on non-fatal accidents. But, according to a US survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about three million people are injured in Uber crashes annually.