How To Properly Irrigate Your Lawn

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A lot of people are truly unsure how to maintain and take care of their lawns properly. There are times when you may drive by and see sprinklers running during the heat of the day. And seeing that the grass is extremely brown.

Its as if they are hoping that all the water they can give will bring back their lawn. But, to be honest, the watering during the hottest hours isn’t going to help the poor dying yard. It will only turn it into a muddy mess that the kids will simply love playing in.

Save Your Yard

It is always good to follow set watering times. When there is a water shortage in your area, most restrict watering before 10 am to 11 am. This is due to cooler temperatures.

Water will evaporate more slowly and gives your lawn the opportunity to get a nice drink. Of course, it can be a huge pain moving a hose around the yard to make sure that each section gets the proper amount of water that it needs.

It is a good idea to move the hose about every 10 minutes to make sure your lawn gets a proper drink. This will help keep each area lush and green.

Of course, there are times where during the day just is inconvenient, it is okay to water in the evening. This is best done after 6 pm when the sun has started do go down and the air is cooling. Again, if you are using a hose-end sprinkler, you will need to make sure to move it around about every 10 minutes.

Many may find that they just don’t have time to water their lawn in this manner. That’s okay. Think about having a lawn irrigation system installed in your yard. This will allow you to set a timer at the proper times so that your lawn will get the proper amount of water it needs.

Tools To Use For Proper Irrigation

Of course, there are the typical lawn irrigation supplies. The typical being a long hose, sprinklers. This includes hand sprinklers, which you should avoid doing. Thus, used by many because of affordability.

There are other systems that are great for irrigation. A good example, soaker hoses. These are special hoses that slowly allow water to drip into the ground. Some believe that this is a good way to water the lawn, however, there becomes the issue of having to pull the hose up when its time to mow.

If you choose to go for the option of soaker hoses, it would be a good idea to make sure that you have a timer that will turn the water off so you don’t flood the yard. This as well is not good for the grass. It might be a good idea to look at additional lawn irrigation supplies.

As mentioned above, having a sprinkler system can actually save you time and money in some aspects. The biggest cost would be the initial layout. It is a good idea to research different companies in your area that can do the work for you.

Not in the budget to hire a company? There is always the option to look up the necessary lawn irrigation supplies to create your own sprinkler system. You would then need to research online or buy a book and read up on the subject.

So if you want to keep a nice looking lawn, be sure to have the proper information about watering. Check with your local water company about any restrictions and what their recommendations are. You can also check your local county or city as well.