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How to store THCV gummy with responsibility?

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THC gummies have become an increasingly popular way for people to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. With flavors ranging from sweet to sour and concentrations of THC ranging from low to high, gummies offer a tasty, convenient, and discreet edible option. However, like any cannabis product, proper storage is key to preserving freshness and potency. 

Know the ingredients

Gelatin or pectin-based gummies with added sugars tend to have shorter shelf lives than gummies made with fruit purees. The use of preservatives also extends freshness. Check the ingredient list and talk to your budtender if you’re unsure about the makeup of your gummies. Knowing what’s inside will provide storage guidance. Temperature extremes are one of the biggest threats to maintaining fresh, potent gummies. Heat causes the compounds in gummies to destabilize and degrade more rapidly. Cold makes gummies hard and brittle. The ideal temperature range is 60-70°F. Avoid keeping gummies anywhere that gets warmer than 76°F or cooler than 55°F if possible. Don’t leave gummies in your car on hot days! Refrigeration extends shelf life, but for short-term storage, a cool cupboard or drawer away from heat and light is best.

Control light exposure

Light exposure also degrades THC over time. Make sure to store opened packages of gummies away from sources of light like lamps, windows, and LED screens. Tinted or opaque containers help block light. Minimizing light exposure prevents the THC compounds from breaking down as quickly. Exposure to oxygen causes gummies to become stale, lose potency, or develop mold. Storing in an airtight container is key for preserving freshness and effects. Make sure any container is tightly sealed. Child-resistant packaging is also required by law, for safety. Look for opaque containers or ones made of quality, durable materials for the best protection.

Keep moisture out

Excess moisture causes thcv gummies to become sticky, lose their shape, and develop mold. Storing in an area of your home that is prone to humidity or condensation ruin gummies. Make sure containers are completely dry before sealing. Silica gel packs help absorb excess moisture, but never eat them! Depending on climate conditions, the refrigerator is too humid. The ideal relative humidity for storage is 59-65%. Don’t store anything on top of or touching your gummy containers. Pressure causes gummies to lose their shape and stick together. Placing gummies below or above other items transfers smells or flavors too. Keep food, soaps, chemicals, etc away. Store only cannabis-containing items together, if you choose. For organization, use racks, trays, or drawers to separate everything.

Follow expiration dates 

Check package dates and observe expiration or Best Buy dates. As a guideline, properly stored gummies will remain fresh for about 6 months. If more than a year passes, it is definitely time to dispose of them properly. Effects likely won’t be the same. Don’t take the risk of consuming gummies past their prime. Once opened, oxygen and humidity will start degrading the gummies. Only open containers when ready to consume the gummies inside. Avoid repeatedly opening and closing packages. After initially opening, try to consume gummies within a few weeks. Transferring to a new airtight, container helps prolong freshness too.