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Interesting Word Activities for Kids

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Each word is unique. Phonics is used to teach four letter words for kids. Children love to learn new words when the fun and interactive activities are involved in learning sessions. When kids learn new words on a daily basis, they improve their communication skills, creative thinking, innovation and memory skills. Once the little ones have learned simple words, they can be introduced to four letter words that start with e. Reading these four letter words aloud helps them in understanding and remembering the words for a long period of time.

Words are the building blocks of any language. Hence, learning words plays an important role in improving a child’s vocabulary. But, kids might find learning words as a routine process quite monotonous and boring. Thus, teach them some four letter words, available at Osmo, ask them to read the poems aloud and engage them in different word building activities. These activities are a great way to motivate the little ones to learn more words and help them to form meaningful sentences and in the later stages meaningful paragraphs. Here are some exciting word activities to support the little learners with a few new words.

Word Activities for Kids

Do word activities help kids learn new words? Absolutely, yes. When kids are engaged in word building activities they feel encouraged to know more words and remember them. Once the children start learning new words, they feel confident to speak a fluent language. Parents and teachers can sit with the little learners and use some colorful flashcards that consist of some four letter words that start with e, available at Osmo. Such playful activities urge children to discover complex words. Active learning supports the kids and improves their vocabulary and other skills. Here are a few exciting word building activities for kids to be engaged in.

  • Reading: This is a classic and one of the most sorted word learning activities for the little ones. This activity fosters parents to spend some quality time with their children by reading together. Also, it is suggested that the tutors pick some entertaining and knowledgeable books to read along with the kids. By doing this, kids don’t get bored or find it tedious to read. In addition, if the book comprises animals or birds, try mimicking their sounds with your little ones. When such fun activities are played, kids love their learning sessions and start focusing.
  • Bingo: Bingo is a simple and fun interactive game that has to be played in groups. When children play in groups, they develop social skills and communication. Now, parents can prepare the bingo board by drawing grid squares and writing words in each box. Next, provide the kids with some paragraphs to read and ask them to find out the word written in the Bingo grid. Once, the child has completed either a row or column, move on to the next word. Ask the little one to continue reading and when all the rows and columns are completed, declare the child as a winner.
  • Sight the Word: This activity encourages children to think quickly and learn a new word every time they play. Firstly, parents or teachers can write down 15 words on 15 posts or chits. Then, read aloud the word that you wish to teach your child and paste the words on a board or wall. Then, using a marker or flashlight, highlight the word and ask the kid to read it. When the child successfully completes reading the word, treat them with candies or small treats. This helps the child retain the words they learn every day.
  • Puzzles: Puzzles too are one of the classic and most played word activities among the children. Now, parents can take 40 to 80 pieces of puzzles, but, ensure not to burden the kids. Then, write a word on every piece of the puzzle. Ask the children to choose a piece of the puzzle and read it aloud before arranging the puzzle. However, if the little one finds it difficult to read the word, help them to read and organize the puzzle accordingly. Once the whole puzzle is completed, let the children have a look at all the words and later, ask them the words they learned during the puzzle activity.

These are exciting activities to help kids learn words. Visit Osmo to learn more.