Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman – Guidelines On Weather Broadcasting


Jim Byrne feels that weather products are perishable and they should be informed to the public promptly. The manner of communicating and the information material used for communicating is important from the point of the weatherman. The duration of the bulletin and the ability to mix technical language with ordinary language is an important thing on the mind of the broadcaster.

Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman on editorial considerations

According to Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman, Data should be sorted based on the priority list and serious weather report should be quickly informed to the public and step should be taken to ensure that public understands the situation rather than getting into a panic mode. The use of certain colors and tones will help in quick information explosion.

Fronting the broadcast will usually be decided by media houses and they may go for a presenter or they may go to forecaster. Forecaster will come into play when there is severe cyclone threat and the need of the hour is to ensure that public understands the situation well. Knowledge of computer graphic system is a must for both forecaster and presenter.

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The quality of presenter is important when weather forecasting is done using TV media. The facts that are scientifically given to the presenter should be communicated in a clear manner.

As a presenter should have the capability of understanding the relevant portions that should be taken out from a large barrage of information that is available and for that presenter should ask themselves what all information they need to hear and then present relevant information to people.

A punchy beginning and a flourishing end are what every presenter should aim for and the time of viewing can be less, and as a presenter, one should aim to make the information interesting.  There is nothing wrong in reinforcing the relevant information.

Visualizing the weather story or information

The growth of TV as a visual media has ensured that presentation of information is on the rising and there is intense competition to ensure that people get news more interestingly. The facilities provided by weather graphic team is on the rise, and there is an intense research that is done for the presentation of data.

Different parts of the country will have different charts, and that will show the weather forecast along with time difference charts. The charts will help in the presentation of data in a timely manner.

Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman feels that the first image is the scene setter and this should be an important one. This should enthuse the viewers to see the weather reporting. A weather chart will be there on the screen for a short time and if more details are presented in the weather chart then that becomes an difficult thing. The graphic on the screen should be shown for some time to ensure that viewers do understand and comprehend it. A proper synchronization between charts and commentary is a necessary thing for viewers to properly understand it. Animation in charts should be done carefully as there are situation in which clouds and rains moving can confuse the viewers. Transitions between charts should be done in a simple manner.