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Mark Arabo – The Strategic Philanthropy To Be Done By Companies

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Mark Arabo stresses that companies can use strategic philanthropy as a method that will increase the mankind, and that will help in the marketing of goods. The other name of strategic philanthropy is cause-related marketing and is a useful tool in improving the brand image of a company as they will be in community partnering.

According to Mark Arabo, there are benefits that an organization will get when they do community partnering and the common benefits will be exposure, lead generation, employee retention. There will be an increase in productivity and performance and there will be benefits that will happen in the bottom line.

Some companies may give cheque and sponsor functions but for a company to grow beyond corporate philanthropy one should invest in things that change the world. Some companies urge people to donate blood and may sponsor blood donation camps. The aim of the company is to spread the message of giving blood to needy people in the hospital, and the same manner company may take classes or sponsor organizations that give importance to eye donation and other vital organ donations.

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Mark Arabo on basic philanthropy that company indulges in

Some companies will donate gift certificates to churches especially for the silent auction, and there would be occasions where school students would be allowed to set up car washing in the company premises when they would be doing this for a cause and contributing to a coffee function is another method to gain support.

Every company cannot say yes to every request, and there are moments when the company will say no.

Community groups can be made to sell a product of a company that is valued for the society, and a hefty percentage can be transferred as commission to the company. There are opportunities for the company to sponsor an education and this will help in ensuring that the company gets a positive image.

Employees will get more motivated when they engage in philanthropy activities, and they will get more focused. This is true in manufacturing companies as employees can come out with excellent solutions that work better for the common man. Employees can make gadgets and technology applications that change the world of disabled and blind people.

There are times when companies can change the way in which water is preserved, and there are occasions when company employees can teach students in school free of charge and can give scholarship to needy people.

Companies can start innovative hub and can encourage students to come out with real life solutions that change society and they can go for production of those items.

Company should think society as their own

Mark Arabo feels that the company should not think making profit as the sole objective and they should be interested in changing the society on their own. A company should make a concrete effort to ensure that they do not pollute the environment and they do the right things to dispose the waste. A company should ensure to take measures to preserve water bodies around them. Company if in automobile sectors should invest in promoting safe driving and using safety features.