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My Bakeshop’s Van Was Wrecked—So I Got A Van Rental

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I run a humble little bakeshop in my neighbourhood. I create and sell cakes, brownies, cookies, and other baked goods and ship my customers’ orders. I have a lot of responsibilities as a baker, businesswoman, and delivery driver, so I need help from various technological marvels like mixers, chillers, and food processors. I also decided to invest in a van to help me bring my pastries and desserts to my dear customers. But recent events led me to get a van rental in Singapore—and I am happy to say that I am glad I did so while waiting for my ride to get fixed.

Searching For A Van Rental In Singapore

My van was a second-hand vehicle I got from a relative who owns a few for their family’s business. They decided to get an upgrade and sold their old commercial rides, one of which landed a job at my bakeshop. During the many months I have been using the van, I never experienced any issues. I exercised caution while using it and worked with my trusted mechanic to maintain it. But one day, the vehicle decided to stop working—making me get a van rental to deliver my orders.

Admittedly, I haphazardly searched for a truck and van rental company in Singapore when looking for a vehicle alternative since I did not want my deliveries to arrive late at their destinations. While scrolling on Google after searching ‘van rental in Singapore,’ I learned about Edmund Vehicle Rental. I immediately called their office and set an appointment, saying I needed a van within the day.

Experiencing The Perks Of Renting A Van

Despite my urgent request, Edmund Vehicle Rental provided me with a van rental I can use for a few days while my shop’s vehicle is with my mechanic. Moreover, its staff was very accommodating and polite. They carefully explained the terms and conditions of my lease and discussed my rights and obligations as their customer. They also arranged a payment plan before allowing me to drive one of their vans off their facility—which all happened in one day.

As I was delivering my cakes using the vehicle I got from my van rental plan, I realised why many business owners choose to lease an automobile instead of buying a new one. Unlike being a van owner, getting a pickup truck rental in Singapore freed me from the worries and responsibilities that come with having and driving a private vehicle. It made me focus on my other responsibilities as a baker and business owner since my mind no longer has to think about everything I should do daily to maintain my second-hand van.

Moreover, getting a van rental from Edmund Vehicle Rental made me experience the features of the latest van model. It made me consider investing in a new van as soon as I have enough funds. For now, I will continue using my old vehicle while occasionally renting a van from Edmund Vehicle Rental to give my second-hand automobile a break now and then.
If you are looking for a van or truck rental in Singapore, I highly recommend Edmund Vehicle Rental and its impressive leasing plans. Check out their website to learn more about the vehicles they offer for rental.