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Different Icons and their Function Instructions

“[H]”=[Home] domestic group “”:hyperlink to Odds chart of this sport “”:hyperlink to suits Analysis web page shadeation of odds box: purple manner up: inexperienced manner down Can take a look at the charts with the aid of using clicking associated Handicap, Over/Under and 1×2 Odds.

Basketball Index specifically include “Odds” web page. 1、 Odds: indicates Handicap 、Over/Under 、1×2 Odds evaluation.

Its 3in1 odds pages instructions

  • Early odds: Odds up to date earlier than 12:00 P.M of fit date (See underneath instance instruction).
  • Live odds: Odds up to date from 12:00 P.M of fit day until the time of kickoff (See underneath instance instruction)
  • Running Odds (stay making bet odds): Odds up to date continuously on an occasion because it happens. Also referred to as In-running, stay making a bet As some distance as our internet site worried, for instance:

English Premier League Match Tottenham Hotspur vs. Crystal Palace begins off evolved in Jan-eleven 23:00 P.M

Ex-1- Odds up to date earlier than 12:00 P.M in eleven Jan is early odds

EX-2- Odds up to date from 12:00 P.M until 23:00 P.M in eleven Jan is live odds

EX-3- Odds up to date from 23:00 P.M until the stop of the fit is Running odds.

Review of 2020 

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