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Based out of San Francisco, California, SPLUNK Inc. produces software that is utilised to search monitor and analyse machine-generated big data through a web-based interface. SPLUNK also has regional operations across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Products of SPLUNK include SPLUNK Light, which is designed for small IT environments, is free to download and easy to set up and allows users to carry out real-time data analysis and automates workflows with search and analysis with the proven technology of SPLUNK.

SPLUNK Cloud allows users to go live in as little as 2-days, works on cloud platforms and does not require any physical infrastructure and maximises utilisation of limited resources by focusing on data automation, dashboards, reports and alerts instead of backend plumbing. SPLUNK Enterprise is suitable for large organisations helping enterprises real-time visibility with automation of data collection, indexing and alerting of real-time machine data which is critical to an organisation’s operation. SPLUNK enterprise dives into data to help discover actionable insights from data, no matter how structured or unstructured it is and utilises the power of Artificial Intelligence for actionable insights.

SPLUNK also has products for IT solutions such as SPLUNK IT Service Intelligence, SPLUNK Insights for Infrastructure, SPLUNK insights for AWS cloud monitoring, VictorOps. Security applications of SPLUNK also include  SPLUNKEnterprise Security, SPLUNK User Behaviour Analytics, SPLUNK Insights for Ransomware, Phantom etc.

Olu Campbell is a SPLUNK Architect and a Bigdata SME and has extensive experience in cybersecurity, cloud management, Internet of Things, System architecting, and Artificial Intelligence. Olu Campbell has alsobeing a consultant for many companies like Apple, SAIC, Northrop Grumman etc. and currently, is also servicing as a Sr. consultant at PARTIGARD where he has led many of big data, IoT and SPLUNK implementation projects.

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