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The boiler is an essential part of your heating system. If your home has a heating boiler to keep the temperature maintained and feel comfortable in winter then you will have to learn some maintenance tips. The life of your boiler could be extend and it can work efficiently. You can contact a repair company for repairing and maintaining your boiler. You can also visit the site, if you have any questions or want detailed information about your boiler.

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Easy tips for maintaining boilers

  • Check fuels and air vents – you have to make sure that the air vents and fuels of boiler should be clear otherwise they tend to lose their energy efficiency. As the time passes, dirt can gather and block the air passage needs of the boiler. In this condition, when your boiler is forced to work hard to generate the same amount of heat, it increases your energy bills.
  • Determine the pilot light – if possible, you have to check the pilot light in your boiler. Your boiler is in good shape, if it produces blue flame. If the flame looks yellow or orange, then this is an indication that your boiler is not working properly. Incomplete combustion leads to safety hazard to your home, means your boiler can release carbon dioxide in your space. If you see yellow or orange Smokey flame then immediately contact your heating company.
  • Lagging your pipes – there is a risk that your pipes many freeze in the winters. If in case, any pipe will freeze, it will greatly decrease the effectiveness of your heating property. It generates a blockage that builds up pressure in some areas that causes strain and finally it leaks and breakdowns completely.

To avoid freezing pipes, you can purchase lagging for your pipes and install it. Lagging is used as an insulation for your pipes made up of glass or mineral wool, polyethylene or foam. They are very easy to install. The thing is that you have to wrap your pipe with lagging. It also cost low for preventing major problems of freezing later.

  • Flush your boiler – if you have water problems in your area, then you will have to flush your boiler twice a year. If you have no knowledge about flushing your heating boiler, then you can call boiling company nearby. Over time, the hard water containing minerals can generate scales in your boiler. Scaling in boilers is known to decrease energy efficiency and damage inner elements.


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