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Snacks and Sauces in Singapore to Keep in Your Pantry

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Asia has been known for its rich cuisines for many years. From country to country, there are unique ingredients and recipes that are sure to tickle people’s taste buds. Some of you might even grow up seeing a jar of what is called ginger candy in your mother’s pantry. While some will look for a specific sauce when dining overseas as we are used to the tasty sauces in Singapore.

As food is always often tied to culture and tradition, it is good that the next generation is aware of our native delicacies. Having local snacks and ingredients in the kitchen will help your child remember this part of our culture. 

Why Should We Keep Serving Asian Delicacies in Our Homes

Globalisation may have tons of benefits for many countries. However, being open to foreign ideas makes our culture suffer some drawbacks. For instance, many kids nowadays prefer fast food meals over dishes with egg noodles in Singapore

As adults, we are responsible for preserving our culture for the next generation to experience. One way to do that is to use native ingredients, like XO sauce in Singapore, for home cooking. Serving dishes with this sauce will help make the taste recognisable for our kids.

What Snacks and Sauces in Singapore Must Be Kept at Home

Wondering which among the plethora of sauces, raw ingredients, snacks and comfort foods should you keep in your pantry? We have a few suggestions for you to consider:

Ginger Candy

Ginger candy in Singapore is one of the nostalgic treats for many of us. It has a very distinct taste from other candies. It is good to stock up on some of these candies in your pantry for two reasons. First, ginger candy has a very good shelf life. It can last for quite a long time even without keeping it in the fridge. Second is that ginger candy is good for your health.

XO Sauce

XO sauce is the Asian version of hot sauce. It is very spicy but has a distinct aroma and taste, unlike other chilli sauces. Many dishes in Singapore use XO sauce and thus, it is often a staple in many home pantries in the country.

Egg Noodles

Egg noodles are a special kind of noodle that is often hand-pulled. It owes its taste to egg yolks that serve as the main ingredient of this food product. There are many ways to cook egg noodles in Singapore. They can also be kept in the pantry for a long time.

Satay Sauce

Satay sauce is among the most popular sauces in Singapore. It has a peanut buttery taste and is often used in Satay Chicken. While the recipe is known in the country, other dishes using Satay sauce have been invented over the years. 


Are you noticing that your kids or grandkids are starting to prefer foreign cuisines? We believe that, with the right introduction, our native food will always prevail. Bring back the popularity of Asian food in your home. Visit a reliable sauce supplier in Singapore today!