Socks and sleep – The perfect combo

If you are getting difficulty while sleeping, cold feet might be one of the main reasons because of which you are feeling restless. It has been found that when your feet are cold, they generally constrict the blood vessels and can even cause less blood circulation. In that case, what else can be the easiest way to make your feet warm other than socks?

Sleeping in your socks is the easiest way to keep your feet warm overnight. Sleeping is not the only health benefit that you get from wearing socks.

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Benefits of wearing socks at night

  • The warmth that the socks carry helps your body with thermoregulation for the time you sleep. It cools the core body temperature.
  • It has been found the socks assist in the temperature regulation which can prevent severe attacks. People who are suffering from Raynaud have sensitive blood cells that often overreact in the colder temperature.
  • Socks help in protecting the natural moisture on your feet during the dry and cold months of winter. Thus, it prevents the dryness and cracks. You can even apply moisturizer on your feet for added advantage.
  • According to the traditional Chinese medicine, it has been found that wearing socks at night promotes the positive energy flow. Cold feet can drain energy from your body whereas sleeping with socks helps in the circulation of the blood ideally and gives energy as well.
  • According to the University of Groningen study, it has been found that sleeping in your socks can even help in increasing your orgasm by almost 30 percent.

What type of socks should you wear?

You should wear the socks which are made of natural fibers such as cashmere or merino wool.To get the other information that can helpin enhancing your sleep and kill your insomnia, visit Sleep Sherpa. The website will help you with their best advice that can be beneficial for you.