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Steps to Take During a Car Lockout

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You’ve just locked your keys in the car, or maybe there is another reason that you have been denied access to your car. Now what? What do you do? Who do you call?

Do not panic. Check out your surroundings to assess your safety and proximity to assistance. Your safety is priority and seeking assistance should be done from a secure location. If all is well and this is an emergency of convenience or a time sensitive situation because it is important that you be somewhere by a certain time, then you may be inclined to throw a rock through the window and worry about the consequences later.

We suggest that you take a deep breath, collect yourself, be safe, and call a professional car locksmith. Overall, this is the best solution considering the benefits that other options do not offer like guaranteed work and prompt, safe, and courteous service. You may resort to common scenarios, but they all have shortcomings.

  • Call the Police

The police may come, but their duty is to enforce the law and to maintain public safety. Unless there are dangerous extenuating circumstances to your situation, like a child or pet trapped inside a very cold or very hot environment or an idling vehicle, this emergency is your emergency, and not a priority for the police. When they do arrive to your non-emergency, you will probably be asked to sign a waiver that absolves the officer and the municipality that he or she represents from responsibility to repair any damages resulting from his or her help. When it is all said and done, you will probably have a locking and window system that is too advanced or too complicated for law enforcement to bypass.

  • YouTube and Social Media

Access to technology is at an all-time high in human history, and it is all too easy to go online for help with unlocking your vehicle yourself. These procedures are risky and may even disqualify your insurance coverage causing out-of-pocket costs for damages. They also require additional equipment, implements, or tools that you wouldn’t normally carry in your car.

  • Unbiased Resources

Credible sources like consumer reports mean well, but their advice is usually hindsight or something that you would obviously utilize if you could. With suggestions like calling AAA, using a spare key (which will make you dependent on family and/or friends to be available, or make your vehicle vulnerable to theft), using your OnStar system, or advice good for future reference.

There are plenty of options to resolve this situation, but you want your decision to produce a positive outcome and not a myriad of subsequent problems. Doing it yourself or depending on an amateur for help can set you up for failure and cause you extra money or prolong the inconvenience of not being able to access your vehicle. A professional car locksmith from “”, on the other hand, can guarantee desired results without imposing costly damage to your vehicle.