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Sunglasses Worth Coveting

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Whilst many people love sunglasses, to a lot of us they are little more than disposable items. We’ll happily pay £10 for a pair from our local discount fashion shop and then lose them on holiday, or stretch to £75 for a fancy designer pair of Lacoste sunglasses we might take more care of, but there are whole other levels you can go to, primarily aimed at the very rich! Here are some of the more expensive sunglasses that we covet, but would never be able to afford:

Persol 9649SG Limited Edition
Whilst Persol is somewhat of a household name in the sunglasses world, with some lovely, affordable models, every now and again they go all out and make something really special. These limited-edition Persol glasses are handmade in their factory in Italy and will be produced in a run of just 200. Featuring 18k gold embellishments including hinges, logo and temple detailing, the tortoiseshell beauties are a timeless design that will look amazing for years to come. The only problem is the $3,500+ price tag.

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L.G.R. Dahlak Aviators
Another Italian brand getting in on the luxury act, Luca GnecchiRuscone have reimagined the classic Aviator design in their own way. With slightly more rounded lenses, yet still tinted in the original dark green, the frames come in either 18k yellow, rose or white gold. They are supplied in a wood, velvet and leather box made by local craftsmen in Florence, and start at just under $8,000!

Silhouette Eyewear Atelier Collection
Fancy something a little less tinted and more prescription for your eyes, then worry not, we have it. The Atelier Collection by Silhouette are rather wonderful and stylish looking frameless glasses, but with arms and nose bridges crafted from solid 18k rose gold by craftsmen in Austria. Not only that, you can commission them to create one-off, custom glasses suited to your particular style and taste. The ‘standard’ offering in the ‘Haute Joaillerie’ line has 72 hand picked, top Wessleton clarity diamonds set in the frames, so just imagine what you could have if you had the money. Obviously, as these are handcrafted pieces of art more than eyewear, there are no prices listed…