Technology, mobile or online casino?


When it comes to online casinos some of us prefer to play on the apps provided by the casinos whereas some of us prefer to play on the casino’s actual website. Casinos have always been popular but since the pandemic began the number of people playing at online casinos has shot up. Many expected casinos to struggle as there are a lot of casinos that aren’t online. That is not the case anymore, near enough every casino that was land based is now available either on the internet or via your smart phones. The better smart phone you have the better games you can play due to being up to date with technology whereas online you could suffer slow graphics or features. It’s hard to choose what casinos to try so you can have a go at some like these and see if you prefer to use the mobile app provided by the casinos or playing directly on their websites.

There has always been the talk of iPhone vs Android gaming. The chances are you own one or the other, so which one is better for online gaming? Both phones come in different shapes and sizes so you can always find something to suit your wants and needs. Both phones have similar features but some of us will never switch from one to the other. You can read more about the pros and cons of both phones here. It is still not clear as to why some people only play at casinos directly on the website and not on the app and the other way around, you would think people would like to try both ways of gaming, but some people will literally not try any other ways than the only way that they know. With technology due to keep on improving and especially the gaming world will we see online casinos move to apps only or will they continue to be available online and in the app stores? Or will betting shops and casinos one day be back up and running properly and see all its customers return instead of them gaming at home or round a friend’s house. One thing for sure is that the online casino world is growing daily with more and more new customers and players signing up, it is seen as a great way to unwind and have a social life due to the fact many online casinos now have chat rooms for the players.