The Best Duos in Filmmaking


Behind every great product is a team of experts who lay monumental efforts. These people are driven by passion and are crazy about their work. Many filmmakers have given back incredibly to the discipline with their expertise, their fieldwork,and experience. Today, filmmaking has progressively advanced in terms of creative concept, storyline, production quality, equipment, performance, editing, etc.

There are many noteworthy names in the entire film making spectrum. The likes of Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino – to name a few. There are also certain duos who are incredibly popular for their work. Their partnerships have given them a whole different status in the industry and lead a benchmark.

Here are some of the best duos in filmmaking:

Brothers Strause: Colin and Greg Strause are a duo of filmmakers, directors, and special effects artists. Some of their popular projects include Alien vs Predator: Requiem, Beyond Skyline, The Bay and Take Shelter. Brothers Strause is most popularly known for being special effects artists and they have primarily work for mega-budget Hollywood films including Titanic. Their expertise revolutionized the industry and in Hollywood, they are considered remarkable geniuses who taught the film industry how to create the impossible with special effects. The duo has also worked for big commercial brands like Universal Studios, Coca-Cola, Gatorade, Toyota, etc.

The Edwards Brothers: The Edwards Brothers are the duo behind Evolve Studio. Two brothers from Pasadena, Californiaare making it big in the filmmaking industry. Joel & Jesse Edwards are directors, executive producers,and digital filmmakers. Their expertise revolves around raw hands-on talent, a unique creative vision,and cinematic prowess. In the industry, the duo is notably known for their work in production and post, creative, design, sound and score,and VFX. The Edward Brothers specialize in live action digital film and high-end post-production projects and have partnered with TV networks, Fortune 500 brands, marketing agencies, creative agencies, directors, and producers to produce compelling production based content. Some of the names in their cataloginclude ESPN, FOX, Discovery, ABC, Animal Planet, National Geographic, Disney, NBC, Samsung, Nike, Gatorade, BMW, GMC, etc. Based in Nashville, Evolve Studio has been nominated for 34 National Emmy awards and has won five in the following categories: Best Sports Show and Journalism, Outstanding Cinematography and Best Promo Campaign.Some of their most popular works include a documentary called “Miracle in Manhattan” and the short film on Zedd called “One Strange Rock”.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller: Started their career with “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” and ever since they have bagged a number of successful projects in Hollywood. Lord and Chris Miller grew up making short films and always had a knack for making animated films. They have had roles in writing, post-production,anddirection of some really famous Hollywood movies including 21 Jump Street and its sequel. They are seen as animation experts and part of “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’” success is due to their expertise. The duo has a large number of accolades to their names and is remarked as one of the most respected filmmakers in Hollywood today.