The Cherry Blossom Season is Here


If  you are planning a trip to Japan and you haven’t heard about cherry blossom then, you are unaware of the true beauty that lies within the island of Japan. Cherry blossoms are the special kind of flowers that turns the whole Japan with a shade of pink. Every traveler that comes to this nation, especially wait for the cherry blossom season. That’s why the tour and travel businesses have named their packages on the flower as cherry blossom tours.

The route for the cherry blossom tour is termed as a Golden route. The route involves the destinations of Tokyo and Kyoto. Although, the cherry blossoms are every where in the spring season, there are some places that really overshadows every other beautiful thing in Japan. The special cherry blossom tours take you to the unrivaled viewing spots in Japan. The most suitable time to visit Japan is March and April.

These cherry blossom tours will take you gardens and parks that are considered as the best places for cherry blossoms. Whether you are a first time traveler or already visited Japan multiple times, the Golden route has the most popular destination points. The guides will navigate you through Tokyo’s cultural landmarks, shopping districts, fashion neighborhoods, and of course the cherry blossom views.

Other world famous places in Japan are Asakusa Sensoji Temple, Imperial Palace, Tokyo Tower, Tsukiji Market. The tour also includes some activities like teaching sushi to the visitors and eating them for lunch. Hakone and Mt. Fuji also lies in the midst of the tour. There is a chance for you to take the bullet train ride. The experience also includes Hamanako Kanzanji Onsen where Japanese styled rooms are available to give you a traditional Japanese feel. Visit the Hikone Castle and then spend a day or two in Kyoto. The journey will finally end in Osaka.

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